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I know that there are yet no details on Luis's Missions but I put in the bits where he appears in the others' missions cause it's kinda obvious that these will be missions of some sort. Anyone have any objections to this?--LuisFernandoLopez 15:49, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

The Table

If we are putting them in a table then will we split up the missions into sections ie. the opening missions in the first row, then the Buyer's Market and Blow Your Cover in a second row (notice it's in chronological order), then the second section, then Roman's Holiday and Hostile Negotiation etc etc. Should we work it this way, but also keep the original list for those who like that display. And do keep it in chronological order (the order it happened) as that's why it's called a timeline. --LuisFernandoLopez 11:44, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

I agree with what this user has said, I think that it should be changed, because it can be a bit confusing trying to look for the next mission in the storyline. FXX 20:11, January 22, 2010 (UTC)FXX 20:11, 22 January 2010 (UTC)

Most of Luis' missions aren't even here ! The list is messed up, the timeline doesn't match up at all.

GTA Chinatown Wars

I know someone put it in the categories, but we don't really need to list the missions here, Ok. I initially created the page to show the overlapping of the main game, the lost and damned (and now the ballad of gay tony). Since the events of Chinatown wars in no way affects these events or overlaps in any way as it is set in the following year, there is no reason for it to be included. just thought i'd let everyone know what I thought. --LuisFernandoLopez 12:01, 14 June 2009 (UTC)

Get Lost

The TLAD mission Get Lost has Johnny kill Billy. However, after completing GTA IV's main game, Billy isn't listed as deceased, meaning Get Lost happened after the events of GTA IV. Or, Rockstar wasn't originally planning on Billy being the antagonist.

The LCPD database has many inconsistencies. It's best not to look into that too deeply. Besides, GTA IV shouldn't be giving too much details on what the next DLC should have been. Listing Billy's death in GTA IV would have been an obvious giveaway.--Spaceeinstein 18:48, November 17, 2009 (UTC)
Of course Get Lost happens before the end of GTA IV, it happens before Niko kills Ray cause Stubbs says in Get Lost Ray will be dead in a month or so.
well in the ballad of gay tony what ever mission you do after "Not So Fast" after completing that mission the lost clubhouse is burned which happens in the final cutscene of Get Lost.
so Get Lost happens not long after the Museum story

Chinese Takeout and This Shit's Cursed

Excuse me for my poor English. In this timeline, it shows that a mission "This Shit's Cursed" appears before "Chinese Takeout". However, in Chinese Takeout, Billy is on the scene, before sending to jail. So I guess these events take place in the reverse order. What do you guys think about this?Unikunn 11:03, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

This is a major mission structure error between the DLC's that Rockstar overlooked. It's been noticed, but doesnt really screw up the story.

yes i agree with the guy above the list is very wrong this sh*t's cursed needs to be after chinese takeout most of luis' missions are not even on the list !

If Niko could complete the bank job before The Snow Storm, because the coke in the Snow Storm appears in Heavy Toll, and This Shit's Cursed must be completed before Heavy Toll. Basically, If u compare it to GTA IV, Elizabeta should be in prison during Heay Toll, Marta Full of Grace and Shifting Weight. Really, those missions should have occured before This shit's cursed.

actually the coke in the snow storm and heavy toll are not the same that assumption must be thrown out the window for this list to make sense liz is a big time drug dealer im sure she has all type of sh*t coming in.

Yes it is the same coke. Johnny steals it from the AOD in Heavy Toll, they try to offload some in Shifting Weight but the buyers try to rob Johnny, Malc and De sean, so Liz gets Little Jacob to find a buyer but it is agin stolen from her and Niko gets it back only for Michelle to take it off him.

this could have been different coke there is not one batch of coke in all of liberty city

Yes it is the same coke, the coke in the story.

it really can't be the same coke good asumption but no hard core proof like i said i'm sure liz has a whole lot of coke there most likely different.

Liz is a big drug dealer, yes, but the coke in the story is the same. There is only the coke dealt with in the game that we see, and it is eventually confiscated by Michelle. That was the whole point of the missions Heavy Toll, Marta Full of Grace and Shifting Weight, to link the coke that just appears in GTA IV when Niko steals it. The missions in TLAD just give it a bit a backstory as to how liz got it in the first place. It is same coke.

It doesn't have to be the same coke, if it is the timeline is IMPOSSIBLE. so that assumption of it being the same HAS to be thrown out the window for the list to make sense It could very well be a different batch of coke. why would rockstar need to give it backstory?

It is the same coke and yes the timeline is impossible. Rockstar made a major cockup in the mission structure when lining up TLAD with GTA IV. It was an error, but not a devastating one.

But the coke doesn't need to be the same...The list has to be possible, There is not one batch of coke in all of liberty...that's a good assumption and good eyes but there really isn't any proof to support it's the same coke just because coke appears twice doesn't make them the same..the heroin is a different story cause we know it's the same heroin, if u follow the timeline..but when u do we find that the 2 cokes being the same are highly unlikely. That theory MUST be forgotten about.

U do not get it. The coke is the same! It is a subplot involving the coke. Why are u so confident it is different. That list is wrong, it always will be, that list shouldn't have been made it is stupid. It is IMPOSSIBLE. OK? I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. What reason is there for that small coke subplot in TLAD. And why would the coke just appear out of nowhere in The Snow Storm, the coke was being watched by UL Paper, that is how the heat began closing in on Elizabeta. It doesn't need proof in game that it's the same coke, it is common sense if u played GTA IV. Just because it is Liberty City, and yes there probs will be other coke in the city, but Liz is dealing with that particular coke. You are the one who believes everything he sees on those forums, your precious "Liberty City Connections" even says this go and read it.

If it was being watched by U.L. Paper than why didn't michelle take it off johnny? You have to undertsand that there really isn't ANYHTING to say the coke is the same. What are u talking about? Liberty city connections also mentions the fact that it cannot possibly be the same. The list is quite obviously possible it has to be than the story would be impossible. Like i said for the hundreth time THERE IS NOT ONE BATCH OF COKE IN ALL OF LIBERTY. liberty city connections mentions that they can possibly be the same. That theory is already thrown out the window so let it go. They are not the same.

I'll tell u why they didn't just take it from Johnny. Because the UL Paper wanted Niko's help and used Michelle to get to him. Don't u listen to the story. If Michelle caught Niko red handed with the coke, he had no choice but to work for UL Paper. The theory is not out the window, because eveyone else knows the coke is the same. The list is impossible because of the mission structure cockup. You are just believing your word as fact when u know nothing. Ask anyone else, ask the admins. The coke is the same.

PLEEZE understand it can't be the same coke, If the timeline is impossible than the whole story would be impossible but since it is the only thing making the list impossible is the false theory that the 2 batches of coke are the same, which they cannot possibly be since the story is very possible, That theory is indeed "out the window" IT HAS TO BE THAT WAY i'm sorry but it HAS TO. Because there admin on a gta wiki doesn't mean they know everything about the story you really shouln't rely on them for that. U are the one who knows nothing of the timeline i KNOW alot more than you about this timeline I HAVE DONE MY HOMEWORK, and i know for a fact the 2 cokes are exacly like they are 2 COKES! not the same.

I have said what i can to show u it's the same. What u are saying is technically correct, It is impossible because the missions don't match up. I don't rely on the admins, but do u understand about the UL Paper bit and why they didn't just take it from Johnny. That list is impossible, because everybody knows that the mission structure was messed up. It is something that u just have to overlook. U know absolutely nothing, u are just reading crap from forums instead of learning for yourself. The coke is the same.

I do understand about the ul paper bit yes, I know about this list a little too much if anything. Actually i didn't get this from forums (Don't assume were i get information) This is how i know they can't be the same:

First off This Sh*t's cursed logically has to happen sometime after Three Leaf Clover THIS IS FACT
Heavy Toll has to happen after This Sh*t's Cursed.
If the coke is the same than niko's elizabeta missions run side by side with johnny's liz mission's But in order to unlock three leaf clover and other packie missions Elizabeta's mission's have to be done first. So logically it's impossible for it to be the same coke since Liz's IV Missions have already be done WAY before liz's TLAD missions. So it's not possible for the cokes to be the same since u say the timeline is impossible but if this were the case THE WHOLE STORY WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE but the story is very possible i've played it you probably played it i'd imagine.

Yes, what u said is exactly why the mission structure is a mess. Rockstar made an error when connecting them up. If Packies missions could be unlocked before the Snow Storm, then it would work. AND YES!! This DOES make the story impossible, it is the same coke but the missions are all messed up. Liz should be in jail during Heavy Toll, Marta Full of Grace and Shifting Weight. These three missions should take place before The Snow Storm, but johnny has to complete This Shit's Cursed to unlock them. And because Billy is arrested in tha mission, and Luis had a shootout there before that in Chinease Takeout, The Bank Job mission needs to be done to start Luis' story. But Niko needs to Finish The Snow Storm to unlock the Bank Job. This makes it impossible for Heavy Toll and so on to take place as Liz is arrested just after Have a Heart. So yes, when u look at it properly, the entire story is IMPOSSIBLE! It is an error that just has to be ignored and pretend that Luis completes Chinease Takeout before the Bank Job.

But we can make the list very possible This Sh*t's cursed can certintly be done after chinese takeout BUT the only thing making the timeline impossible is that dam coke. If we want this list/story possible than we have to just come to one simple reasonable conclusion...It can't be the same coke. If the story is impossible it would make the whole thing Non-canon, I don't thing any gta fan would want this.

Want it or not, it is true and u will have to deal with it. It is a game, it is a stupid error yes. But it can be overlooked. There is no solution to the problem.

For it to be the same coke is highly debatable and there is no hardcore proof is what i'm saying.

What is it with u and proof? It shouldn't need to be proved, it is not a police interrogation. There are four batches of coke, but the coke that Elizabeta gets Johnny and Niko to handle is the same. I just made the article "Cocaine" and i wrote about it and the four batches. I don't mention anything about the continuity mess up because that doesn't mess the gameplay up. Just don't get messing up the page because it is short and sweet, and it is fine.

U need proof for alot of things if we don't have proof we can just say Niko is an alien and be right? And since there are more than one batch of coke it can be assumed that they are not the same. Until i see something that says they are the same coke i will never be convinced.

Fine, im not interested whether u know the actual events or not. I couldn't care less, u can assume that if u want but im just saying u are wrong. So i guess this bit is finished. The other batches are don't involve Elizabeta. U really have no idea of the story because u didnt even know there were other batches. U dont need proof where it isn't due. Do u want proof that ur parents are in fact ur parents? There is nothing to say Niko isn't an alien, but it doesnt need proving that he is human does it?

dude i know there are other batches why do u think i don't believe the cokes the same? I am pretty sure i'm right there is no proof is there? U need proof for alot of things u need it for video games i'm sure.

U didn't know there was other batches. U just assumed that because Liz was a dealer she would have a load of other coke coming in. U are not right but like u said there is no telling u. Proof isn't needed here. People who play the story properly understand, u dont so u will never get it. Name the missions where the third and fourth batches of coke are seen then? And who has possesion of them during the mission?

"Catch the Wave" the russians had one "Liquidize the Assets" the russians had another
"The Snow Storm" The angels of Death/The spanish Lords than U.L.Paper
"Heavy Toll/Shifting Weight" Liz had more Coke.

I Know alot about this...I play the story VERY properly.

Yes and the ones in The Snow Storm and Heavy Toll is the same. Elizabeta tries to get Jacob to sell Batch 1 and 2, but the AOD steal the lot of it. U mustn't of known, u must have just looked around the net for ur answers becuase u were saying before. "There must be more batches of coke in all of Liberty" and u didn't know about the others. When do u see Batch 2 then?

I LOOKED AROUND FOR ANSWERS?! Don't be upset cause i know shit. Don't be a sour loser. P.S. I didn't say there must be more than one coke i said there is not only one.

No lad, u didn't know, u just thought there must be others cause she is a big time dealer. Name the mission where Batch 2 is then? Bear in mind batch 1 is in Heavy Toll The snow storm and Shifting weight. Batch 3 is catch the wave and 4 is liquidize the assests, wheres 2 then? Answer.

I didn't know? YOU ARE SUCH A SOUR LOSER MAIT! how ever u brits talk. I gave u the right answer and u respond with U LOOKED THEM UP! why should i constantly having to give u answers when you are just going to say U LOOKED THEM UP! 1. The Snow Storm
2. Heavy Toll/Shifting Weight 3, Catch the Wave
4. Liquidize the Assets

U just proved u know Jack S***!!! Batch 2 is in Marta Full of Grace! A small amount coke is brought in by Marta the drug mule. LOL U FAIL!! AGAIN!! And ur 4 cokes and the missions they're in are wrong. Another Fail by you.

OH MY GOD! i don't know why i keep responding to u but if i have to prove u wrong...again then fine How is marta's coke in any way effective to the story? LOL it's about coke that PLAYS A ROLE IN A MISSION! marta full of grace's coke is not about the coke...I KNOW JACK S***!? really? Give me another question so i can just keep proving u wrong LET'S GO!

Marta's coke is the one Johnny, Malc and DeSean try to sell in Shifting Weight, the small package, so u are totally wrong. I made a mistake before, but i can admit it. But The coke in heavy toll and the snow storm are still the same, a bag load of it, why else would it be the AOD who Niko takes it from. Because Johnny takes it from the AOD in Heavy Toll. The one in Marta and Shifting Weight is the same batch, and it's obviously related to the story, it builds up to her arrest idiot. So yes, u still dont understand the cokes.

These are the cokes:

Batch 1: Heavy Toll/The Snow Storm (which also makes the list impossible that is true)

Batch 2: Marta Full of Grace/Shifting Weight

Batch 3: Catch the Wave

Batch 4: Liquidize the Assets

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I totally owned u! You just said that marta's coke was the one in Shifting weight? how do u know it wasn't the one in Heavy Toll? And u made a mistake? I think this discussion is over OWNED! P.S. who takes the coke off AOD Johnny or niko? make up your mind. YOU GOT OWNED SUCKA!

You didnt own me though. Marta's coke IS THE SAME Shifting Weight, this is batch 2. U are the thickest guy in the world. BOTH niko and Johnny take Batch 1 from the AOD. U ARE JUST WRONG. U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS. Johnny takes it in Heavy Toll and Niko in The Snow Storm. The AOD get it back when they steal it from Jacob. SO I OWNED U!!! YES!!! I PROVED IT FINALLY! HOW STUPID DO U FEEL NOWL !!!! LOL!! YES!, This is now over. Go play the games again. Goodnight Lad.

HAHAHA!!! Oh my HAHAHAHAHAH Make up your mind you proved nothing. P.S. Why would liz sell the coke back to the AOD? ok brit YOU STILL ARE OWNED!
all u needed to say was u made a mistake, THAT'S WHY U ARE OWNED u just handed me the victory. Liz said in the snow storm that jacob introduced her to some buyer's and ripped her off which was the AOD AND THE SPANISH LORDS so she sold it back to them? LOL thanks for the victory mait.

LOL! U just owned Urself! The AOD and SPANISH LORDS rob it from Jacob after he finds a buyer. Jacob did not know that the she had Johnny rob it from the AOD in Heavy Toll. It was the spanish Lords who were introduced to Elizabeta, and she didn't realize they were working with the AOD. Do not jump to conclusions. When i said i made a mistake, it was a typing error earlier on, that is what i meant. And "Mait" is spelt Mate. So i think it is me who takes this round loser. Do u get it now??

OH EXCUUUUUUSE me for not saying MATE right. There still is no proof to say the coke is the same not the AOD Thing with robbing off jacob Whe u said u made a mistake u said that u thought at first the coke was in the snow storm/heavy toll/shifting weight was the same coke but than u said u made a mistake saying the coke marta smuggled in was the one in shifting weight, so how is anything u say true than how do u know your not mistaken on everything else? All u needed to say was "I Made a Mistake" that's all i needed to hear. A THANK YOU

Nooooo, this is the two coke batches. It is obvious that the coke in Heavy Toll and The Snow Storm are the same, because it is the AOD who have it. That is why they rip Liz off, retaliation for it being stolen off them first. The AOD have no involvement in Marta's coke. Marta's coke is the small package in Shifting Weight. I do realize that i said before that the one in Shifting Weight was the same, but you said that "Liz PROBABLY has all sorts of s*** coming in, there are PROBABLY others, there must be others in all of Liberty". It was obvious that u didn't realize the situation either between the 2 cokes. U said earlier that the coke in Heavy Toll and Shifting Weight was the same. U didn't even mention Marta's coke. Then next u said that Marta's coke didn't have any involvement in the story, which would make her mission completely pointless. That small package in Shifting Weight is what was inside Marta. In The Snow Storm, Niko has a bag full of it, which is the same as what was being transpoorted in a van during Heavy Toll.

The other 2 cokes in Catch the Wave and Liquidize the Assests have nothing to do with Liz by the way. Anyway, i have explained now and i will not be looking at this again, nor any of our other debates, because i have bullied u non stop from the start I imagine u are probably getting upset.

upset? Nooooooo these are always fun. All i wanted to hear was "I Made a Mistake" that was my victory right there. YOU ARE GIVING UP!!! how did u bully me if your the one giving up? I HAVE BEATEN YOU!!! Marta's coke doesn't play a part in the story. Liz would probably have more coke/drugs why would she have the one in catch the wave or liquidize the assets? LOL I OWNED YOU!!!

GTA IV Era and Chinatown Wars

If I am not mistaken, a message left above by a user indicates that he removed a category regarding Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, since its missions does not overlap or affect the missions from Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Doesn't the GTA IV Era also consist of Chinatown Wars? So, in a way, if the current article content would stick, the title would, in a way, be wrong. Yes, those three are in the GTA IV Era, but if the title says "Missions in GTA IV Era", then we should reformat it to place missions in Chinatown Wars. OR, we could rename this page into another title, like "Connection of Missions in GTA IV and its Episodes" or something like that, only shorter, so that Chinatown Wars wouldn't be included. A more desperate thing to do is delete this, since it is kind of redundant that what can be found in Missions in GTA IV, Missions in The Lost and Damned and Missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony are found here. Again. Though, I still see reason to keep it and just move it, since it still shows how the missions from the three games intertwine. I'm not sure also if we keep it as is, though I still think there's something wrong with the title. What do you guys think? Masterpogihaha 18:27, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

This is cool and all but there are ALOT of problems with the timeline first off "Roman's Sorrow" and "It's War" happen about the same time based on news reports and in The Ballad of Gay Tony "Practice Swing" and "Bang Bang" set up Playboy X's first mission "Deconstruction for Beginners" so his missions including the United Liberty Paper missions happen after "Three Leaf Clover" and Jon Gravelli's mission "Entourage" happens after the Gracie/Diamond exchange also based on news reports in the game. and Final Interview part 2 and This Sh*t's Cursed also run side by side to each other based on news reports. i don't mean to sound like such a know it all but the timeline needs some work.

GTA Era takes place on its own just forget about Chinatown Wars, Rockstar will if they carry on the GTA IV Era in another game. They dont connect to GTA IV at all and that page is about showing the connections. And just because reports apear on the ingame internet doesn't mean they happen close to each other. In case u hadn't noticed GTA IV is 90+ missions long while its episodes are just over 20. The reports is just to speed up the process because u will finish the DLC in lesss than a day. There is a major problem in the mission structure of This Shits Cursed. In TBOGT, Luis is revealed to have been in ashootout there before Johnny and Jim got there, but the bank robbery hasn't happened yet, so Luis should'nt be there. Just know the reports in the game are there because the DLC's are much shorter than the main game.

news reports do give us information of when missions happen close to each other like It's War and Roman's Sorrow not only based on news reports but after completing It's War roman's cab depot is burned down..check it out anyway that still doesn't solve the playboy x mission issue his first mission "Deconstruction for Beginners" is related to TBoGT mission "Bang Bang" and that was not based on news reports...Deconstruction for Beginner's happens after Bang Bang.

I know about Its War and Roman's Sorrow, but that doesn't make them happen at the same time. The Lost would find out about Jason's death the day he was killed, not ages after, the apartment and depot are burned after that mission because the story in TLAD is shorter and they need to go along each other. Think about it, it is only like that to keep a 23 mission story running along a 90+ mission story. It's War and Roman's Sorrow don't happen at the same time, if that were the case, why is Johnny riding behind the burning cab depot in the credits for TLAD when he should be in Alderney killing the AOD? The news reports dont say how the missions go, Johnny kidnaps Roman, not long after doing the deal with Niko and Playboy, and does the museum mission immidiatley after kidnapping Roman, u have to understand that TLAD and TBoGT is just short DLC's so the reports are just a way of keeping up with the long GTA IV, they dont say when missions happen.

I never said It's War and Roman's Sorrow happen at the same time there just close to each other u have all the proof u need to support that the news report the cab depot and the apartment buened down thats all the proof u need and who knows how long it took for the lost to find out about jason's death he was killed 2 islands over it could have taken them awhile and Deconstruction for Beginners is AFTER Bang Bang the list is wrong

It's War and Roman's Sorrow are not close just because of that, the only reason it is like that is because after It's War it is Buyers Market straight away, in which Niko is there for his version Blow Your Cover. But Niko doesn't work for Elizabeta straight after arriving in Bohan, he works for Manny, and then goes on a mission with Packie before that. He has to work for Manny before he unlocks Elizabeta's work. And why does Deconstruction for Beginners after Bang Bang? P.S. i didn't make that list.

in Bang Bang the union workers that Rocco is having problems with are the same ones Niko kills in Deconstruction for Beginners if u compare the two missions u will see how they are related. since we here no more about the union workers in tbogt after that mission Niko has already killed them in Deconstruction for Beginners so it has to happen afterwords. i still think roman's sorrow and it's war should be closer together

But do u get my piont? It is just a way of keeping up with a much longer story. Johnny in the background of the burning cab depot during TLAD credits instead of being in Alderney, Niko working for Manny and with Packie before Blow Your Cover. It's War happens well before Roman's Sorrow, more like a day after No Love Lost since the Broker Chapter of the Lost would immidiatley inform the others that Jason was dead. Just because he was killed two islands away, im sure they have phones, Billy just gets word that Jason's been killed in Broker, It's War happens shortly after No Love Lost. The burnt out depot and apartment are to help speed up the story since straight after It's War, Johnny does the mission with Niko and Playboy, when Niko would not even have left Broker, he would still be working for Faustin.

but if rockstar was just trying to keep up with there own story then why don't we have a list from rockstar? all bohan missions before blow your cover can be done while johnny was doing action/reaction and the jim fitzerlad missions roman's sorrow happens close to no love lost anyway so i am 100% sure roman's sorrow happnes just before it's war like i said it could have taken awhile for the lost to find out about jason's death maybe a day or so. johnny seen in roman's sorrow? the end credits? yes i know about this but that is probably non-canon

How can Niko be in Bohan doing missions during Action/Reaction. U are contadicting urself, Romans apartment and cab depot are not burned during Action/Reaction. It's War would logically happen well before Roman's Sorrow, it would happen just after No Love Lost, even if it took a day for the Lost to find out about Jason's death, that would mean Niko blew up petrovic's garage, killed Faustin, and got set up by Dimtri and Bulgagarin in one day, then go to Bohan in Roman's Sorrow right after that. Not only that, he would do both Manny's missions, and work with Packie in the time it takes Johnny to ride from Alderney over to Elizabeta's. It's not logical, so yes it is just Rockstars way of updating a 23 mission story with a 90+ mission story.

it is very logical actually you are forgetting about the jim fitzgerald missions roman's sorrow and it's war happen very close to each other go on this website gtaforums/the possible trinity they give u a canon list of all three stories.

No i have explained it, it is not logical. U even said that Niko would be in Broker during Action/Reaction, contradicting ur own statement of Romans cab depot being burned as evidence that Romans Sorrow and It's War were close. Jim's missions are like Brucie's, they are not plot related. The gtaforum thing has been there for about 2 years and is wrong, it says the heroin is left with Pegorino's when in both endings he gives it to Dimitri to sell, how else would it end up in funland. Dont be so gullible and believe everything u see on them forums. Finally, It's War happens before Romans Sorrow and just after No Love Lost. Buyer's Market is straight after It's War because it is a smaller game with only 23 missions, u think Johnny would have to wait ages for Niko to hurry up and kill faustin, get betrayed, get to bohan and work for Manny. It isn't logical, Johnny's story is over in 10 plus hours, like 10 days in the game. But in This Shit's Cursed, Jim confirms that the heroin was brought in a few weeks back on the Platypus, meaning that the mission is a about a 3 to 4 weeks after Niko gets to the city, so think about it.

first off i don't believe everything the forums tell me but that list was indeed correct and what are u talking about i never said niko would be in broker during action/reaction. Roman's sorrow and it's war are very close the burned cab depot is all the evidence u need. And i didn't say anything about the heroin dimitri has it in both endings but the heroin dimitri has in "A Dish Served Cold" could be different heroin.

Yes u did. Look at ur previous message and u say that Niko could be in Bohan during Action/Reaction, contradicting urself. For the final time Roman's Sorrow and It's War are not close just because of the cab depot being burned as i said the story is shorter that is why, but believe whatever u want. And in a dish served cold is the same heroin because Niko arrives and says he wont be doing the deal with him, because they have unfinished business. It is the heroin he planned to steal off Pegorino.

Niko is in bohan during Action/Reaction Roman's Sorrow happens near "It's War" so yeah he would be. And how is The Cab depot burned after It's War not proof it's right there in front of u Play the game again. And i never said the heroin in A Dish Served Cold was not the same Heroin in the deal's debatable. It's War comes before Action/Reaction and Niko flee's in Bohan before It's War.

Johnny's story is only 23 missions nikos is 94. Johnnys story finishes quicker than Niko's. U will never understand so i am not going to carry this on, ur only 12 anyway u told me.

i'm 12? and i've talked to u before? u have the wrong person bro i'm almost 17. u will never understand did u ask rockstar that they were just keeping up with the story? did they tell you?

Yeah i have talked to u before u said u were 12, then said u were joking and that u were 16. No, did u call rockstar? I only said that what i THINK rockstar would choose. I do understand it, U do Not. U seem to think that TLAD and GTA IV are the same length. They are just DLC's to quickly explain the other character's stories. It's War happens before Roman's Sorrow, not during.

LOL maybe i have talked to u before but im not 12 im almost 17. i understand quite well if anything rockstar put those news reports there so it gives the player a good understanding of were the other protagonists are in there stories and again i never said they happen at the same time i said they are close to each other. Remember TLAD TBOGT and GTA IV are not three stories...IT'S ONE BIG STORY.

I do realize it is one big story. Niko is the main man of the GTA IV Era altogether though. But u also must remember that TLAD and TBOGT are just DLC, not full games. They are GTA IV expansions. The stories on the internet are just to keep the short stories in line with the long one, and because of that excuse, it doesn't mean its war and romans sorrow are close. But it has to be like that on the game because the stories are shorter. In GTA IV it takes a while for Niko to get to the museum mission, but johnny can get there in a few in game days. It's one big story, but GTA IV is the main game, and Niko is the main protagonist.

so the news reports are non-canon? is anything in the game canon then? The news reports tell us were the other Protagonists are it does in fact imply Roman's sorrow and It's war are very very close. That was rockstar's intention it wasn't so they could keep up with there own story. this sh*t's cursed is also close to final interview part 2. And entourage happens after the gracie/diamond exchange. If you are right than why did rockstar feel the need to put those news stories up there in the first place if there not canon? Not to mention Roman's cab depot is burned down afterwords ! Is this also Non-Canon and saying it's not really burned down? cause it looks burned down to me.

For the hundreth time the reports appear when they do to keep a short story up with the long one. They are canon obviously, but they are canon in the main game, when niko does them, not when johnny see or luis sees them. fianl interiew is not near this shits cursed, entourage does happen after the exchange but not just because the report says so. U are completely missing the point, romans depot is canon in the main game, but because johnny has no reason to investigate the apartment or depot after it's war, rockstar are just bringing Niko's long story in line with Johnny and Luis's short stories. Anyway, i dont know where u are, but i am in england and it's late, i will be happy to continue this debate with u tommorrow.

Roman's Sorrow and It's War obvisouly run parallel after completing it's war go check the depot IT'S BURNED TO THE GROUND! Roman's sorrow has already took place around the time of it's war...the evidence is there you can't possibly know that they were just speeding things up how could anyone know this? atleast i have proof.

Of course the story is sped up, TLAD is 23 missions damn it. GTA IV is 90+!!!! They need to show the burned depot because Buyer's Market is straight after It's War, So Niko is in Bohan during TLAD right after it's war! But the Lost just got word of Jasons death ages later, no i doubt it, the Lost would know about Jason a few hours later, the Broker chapter would have told them, and its all over the news. You could say that after completing It's War, TLAD jumps forward a few days, by which time Niko has moved to bohan and had time to work with Manny and Packie and Billy and sealed the deal with Elizabeta to offload the H. If what u were saying was right, how is that Niko is helping Johnny on the heroin deal immidiately after Roman's Sorrow? Because Johnny does the deal straight after It's War.

What? there are a couple of missions in tlad between it's war and the heroin deal like oh i don't know THE JIM FITZGERALD MISSIONS! AND ACTION/REACTION! buyer's market was not straight after it's war i think u should play it again. The News reports about niko's story wouldn't need to be there if your right, there obviously telling us when niko's missions take place...some of them. Ask any gta fan aware of this they probably wont agree with you. Every list i see that has all three stories made by gta fans always has Roman's Sorrow and it's war next to each other you know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE! THE NEWS STORIES ARE HOW WE KNOW THIS! They are canon in the dlc's as much as they are in the original.

The Jim missions don't advance the story. They are like Brucie's missions in GTA IV. Jim calls Johnny after Clean and Serene so they happen right after that, before Angels in America and It's War. Action/Reaction is after It's War yes but in the time it takes Johnny to chase and kill a few AODs in that mission, Niko wouldn't have finished both Manny's missions and worked with Packie, all in time for Liz to organise a deal with the LCPD!! Liz needed to strike deals with Playboy and the Northholland Hustlers, and find a buyer for the H. After It's War in TLAD, the story jumps forward a few days, it doesn't show it in game, but It's War happens a few hours or so after No Love Lost, because that's when Jason dies and the Lost are pretty influential to know that one of their own has just died. In fact, if u remember in Angels In America, Jason tells Johnny he is going to meet Anna Faustin, this is obviously setting up the events of No Love Lost, and when Jason goes there, It's War takes place, and Billy learns shortly after that Jason was killed when he went to meet Anna. It is a blatant reference to No Love Lost when Jason says he is going to meet Anna at Firefly Island during Angels In America, which is where Niko finds him.

WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT! Jim's missions can DEFFINITLY be done after action/reaction it doesn't matter when there unlocked you can do them whenever u want. You are the only GTA fan i know that has come to this false conclusion that The news reports in the dlc's and the burned down depot don't mean anything. How do u know It's War happens hours after No Love Lost? Who told u this? Aren't u the same bro that think "Out of Commission" and "Departure Time' happen at the same time? If so than how do u know R* wasn't just speeding up the story? GTA IV IS 90+ MISSIONS LONG AND TBOGT AND TLAD ARE ONLY 20+ SO THEY WERE JUST SPEEDING UP TIME. EPIC FAIL!

The fact that Jim phones Johnny after clean and serene shows they are meant to take place then. Jason goes to meet Anna right after Angels In America and dies soon after. The burned depot is just to keep TLAD up with Niko's story in the chronology. It doesn't mean that they happened right next to each other, otherwise that would mean that Niko moved to bohan and was already in the museum after roman was kidnapped, all in the couple of in game days it takes Johnny to get there. Think, Johnny is in the museum about 6 missions after the heroin deal, but Niko is in the museum about 17 missions after the deal. It's War and No Love Lost happen a few hours between, it's obvious, that is also why Jason says he is going to meet Anna during Angels in America, it is just forshadowing Niko killing him.

How are Jim's missions supposed to happen after Clean and Serene? Deconstruction for beginners is unlocked before Three Leaf Clove BUT Deconstruction for beginners must logically happen Sometime after three leaf clover THERE DONE IN ANY ORDER U WANT! understand this. U have no proof it's war and no love lost are hours apart. You came to that conclusion all on your own. I came to my conclustion thru EVIDENCE AND FACT! Angels in america set up No Love Lost yes but that doesn't mean It only took the lost a few Hours to find out it could have taken them awhile a couple of days maybe. Since half the broker chapter of the lost were killed by niko in No Love Lost so it's kinda hard to send a report when ur dead, So the cab depot and apartment being burned down and the news report about it are quite obvious signs that they are very very close to each other! I just really hope your only joking cause It's War and Roman's Sorrow are right next to each other FACT!

U are forgetting It's War happens straight after Angels in America, so during It's War, Jason goes to meet Anna and was killed in Noo Love Lost, thats how i got my conclusion. When missions are unlocked that is usually the order the developers intended for them to be completed, even though u can do some of them in any order, why else would they do that. Deconstruction For Beginners happens after the heroin deal, Playoy texts u for work right after it. The Bank job is later on after finishing the other Manny mission, meeting Francis etc. LOL Are u thick, half the broker chapter of the Lost are killed by Niko??? He kills about 7 of them, hardly half of a chapter. So, Roman's Sorrow is well after It's War, which is next to No Love Lost.

It's War doesn't need to happen straight after Angels in America Jim's missions can be done in between those two think on that. And oh my god Deconstruction for beginners happens after Bang Bang! (TBOGT MISSION) so it logically has to happen after three leaf clover U have sense of the timeline how is it so hard for u to understand. Play the games's again or atleast look up gtaforums again on "Liberty City Connections" They explain that part with deconstruction for beginners and roman's sorrow and it's war look that up too GOD!

Jims missions happen after Clean and Serene because Jim calls u then. Stop using the fact that his missions can be done whenever as an excuse when the fact that Jason sets off in Angels in America to meet Anna, in Firefly Island, confirms that No Love Lost happens then while Johnny goes off on It's War. That Liberty City Connections is crap as well it says the heroin remains with the Pegorinos in revenge, which is wrong, among other things. Why dont u go and play the games again instead of just looking at internet articles, and copying them.

OH MY GOD! jim's missions don't HAVE to happen after clean and serene you honestly think rockstar will say that if u ask them? If u do than u would be strongly disapointed Liberty city connections is not crap alot of what those guys say is truth they get this truth from WHAT THE GAME TELLS THEM but u seem to ignore what it tells u and remain ignorant of the FACTS! the heroin actually does remain with the pegorino's but i figured this out on my own even before reading the connections let me explain

If Niko does deal Dimitri get's heroin But niko kills dimitri in the finale and heroin is left with bulgarin

If Niko does revenge He kills dimitri (He can't logically have the heroin if the deal never went down) the heroin stays with pegorino niko kills pegorino on island. at first i thought this would mean deal was canon since in TBOGT the russians said they got the heroin off Dimitri not Pegorino. So since niether ending is canon in revenge Pegorino's heroin would HAVE to be sold to Bulgarin, so it than fits in both endings that's why i don't belive Departure Time and Out of Commission are locked...u only belive that because of some silly little easter egg. so departure time would HAVE to take place after gta 4.

In deal, Departure Time is after GTA IV, but in revenge it is at the same time, that is why the ghawar explosion who is only in the revenge ending.

But like i said it can't run side by side with out of commission the fireball in the background is well....An Easter Egg..nothing's not canon is what i'm trying to say R* threw that in for kicks i don't even believe it was intended to be bulgarin's jet. Why would they have TBOGT ending done by the time they were still working on the gta 4 ending? Departure time would have to happen AFTER out of commission not during.

Of course it is canon, it isn't an easter egg, it is a hint. Just cause u say it's not canon, Just accept that they run parallel. They had already planned the story in GTA IV, but the fireball was added in the update 1.06, AFTER TBOGT was finished. Why does Departure Time have to take place after GTA IV. Dont say "because Timur says Dimitri is dead" because Dimitri dies earlier in revenge. Why would R* only put the explosion in the revenge ending, because it is that ending that runs parallel thats why.

But we don't even know if this is Bulgarin's jet remember? In TBOGT it never left broker in GTA IV it comes from Alderney. But like u said above Rockstar was trying speed things up that they don't really don't run parallel how do you know thats not the case here. cause thingk about it bulgarin could have claimed the dead dimitri's heroin after out of commission cause it is very logical that it happens after gta 4 either way since by the time gta 4 is over DIMITRI IS DEAD and since it takes place after gta 4 in deal why wouldn't the same thing aply for revenge? i know he is killed earlier but not that much earlier only 2 missions before the ending. Cause in tbogt when his plane crashes u can see happiness island BUT there is no smoke from the heli/boat crash and it seems pretty calm no shooting or anything like that. I even went to the same place at the time in tbogt during departure time and i'm sure if u were right i would have walked right in on niko killing pegorino but not a soul was there. I still thing the fireball in out of commission is just an easter egg it's obvious..c'mon u know how rockstar is they love to mess around.

Obviously u won't walk right up to Niko killing Dimitri. Don't be so thick, u think if u went to Romans cab depot during It's war u would see Niko and Roman in the car outside it? Think before u say. No it is no easter egg. What kind of easter egg would that be, the heart of the city is an easter egg.

But the heroin was sold to bulgarin after pegorino's death in the revenge storyline so it would have to come after gta 4..first off WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IF THIS IS BULGARIN'S JET. it's obvious that this is an easter egg. And even if it wasn't it's not bulgarin's jet. WHY IS IT COMING FROM ALDERNEY THAN?

In revenge it is not sold to Bulgarin, him and timur claim it after it is left unatended on the Platypus, because Dimitri is dead. Thats just common sense. In deal, Dimitri keeps it after killing the buyers and takes it to Bulgarin cause they are partners. Who told u that? After update 1.06 Why would Rockstar enhance the fireball in the revenge ending ONLY, not deal. An easter egg is something that is a bit silly or out of the ordinary, like the heart of the city. The explosion is coming from Broker, look at the map and u will see that the beach in broker can be seen from happiness island. and the Jet explodes over the beach in firefly.

I will say it again go do the revenge ending again and see were the fireball comes from it IS coming from alderney, u probably will be disapointed at that but what are u going to do? U say departure time happens right after dimitri's death right? Than it wouldn't take place during out of commission it would take place after a dish served cold a day before roman's wedding get it?
The fireball in the revenge ending is not canon, IT'S AN EASTER EGG!

It is coming from broker. Not an easter egg. Bulgarin and Timur pick up the heroin off the ship the same day of Romans wedding. The next day is Departure Time and Out of Commission, when Luis finds Bulgarin and Niko finds Peg. Get it. Why is the explosion in only revenge and not deal? Answer that.

THEY DON'T HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME! how can they when in GTA IV it comes from alderney and in tbogt it's in broker? you probably didn't even check. Im willing to bet if that easter egg wasn't there you never would have thought they happen at the same. It would happen during Roman's wedding than not during out of commission. Why would rockstar put the explosion in both? AND if u think R* had TBOGT ending done by the time they were still working on gta 4 YOUR NUTS! it would have come out sooner. They would also have to have tlad completed too. THAT MAKES NO SCENSE! Why is it in gta 4 it comes from alderney? AND NOT BROKER????????????????????????????//

It doesn't take a genius to work out that if the explosion wasn't there, then they obviously wouldnt be at the same time. It is from brokers direction U are not reading properly, it was not in GTA IV until the update 1.06, when they finshed TBOGT. And the explosion is only in revenge. Why? because revenge is at the same time and deal is before.

Watch this, it is in another language but just look at the sky at 48 seconds. u will see the explosion over the broker way:

LOL i have seen that video 1,000 times THATS A BLACK SPOT FROM ALDERNEY HOW IS THAT IN ANY WAY A JET? it's not from broker at all play Departure Time again JEEZ LOL!

1,000 times! whoa obsessed much lol. And if it was a black spot like u say, why were u saying it's an easter egg. What kind of rubbish egg would that be.

Not really 1,000 times bro Just a few times yes. That is not his jet It's an easter egg that is some sort of fireball/black spot IN ALDERNEY!

It is an explosion in the far distance hinting to Bulgarins explosion. End Of Story.

It is not the jet bro think about it i know u WANT it to be the jet but why is it in alderney than? when it should be in broker?

Well why was it made bigger in an update after TBOGT?? Why only in the revenge ending??? And Even if it was not the Jet, Out of Commision and Departure Time would take place at roughly the same time, because Dimitri dies earlier in Revenge, and Bulgarin would get the heroin to funland earlier, so that means Luis will find out about it earlier. Dimitri is dead during Departure Time. Remember, there is no canon ending so Departure Time MUST fit with both endings. If it took place after GTA IV in revenge as well, then why would Luis wait until Niko killed Pegorino.

And seriously, as if u would be able to walk over as Luis right into the cutscene of Niko killing Pegorino. If that is how ur mind works, why dont u play It's War, then instead go over to Broker and see if Roman's cab depot is on fire. Yeah, as if it would be! Man u are Stupid.

I'm stupid? HAHAHAHAHA you can't even accept that it is not bulgarin's jet It comes from alderney in gta 4 in tbogt it is in broker. You think it's war and roman's sorrow don't run side by side and that they were just keeping up with the story how do you know that's not the case here? I'M STUPID?! yeah sure if it makes u feel better. Departure time does fit in both endigs but it would have to take place after gta 4 or after a dish served cold Bulgarin could have unloaded the heroin after pegorino's death cause the heroin was left on the ship and half the russians were killed so it could have taken him a day or so to find out and get dimitri's heroin but why would it take place during out of commission? LOL your only proof is an easter egg. IM STUPID!? yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh suuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeee. And another thing In revenge dimitri is killed earlier and bulgarin claims the heroin earlier right? Than it would take place after A Dish Served cold a day before roman's wedding not during out of commission possibly during roman's wedding but rememeber like half a day goes by in between roman's wedding and out of commission so why would it take place during out of commission than? GET IT?!

Day 1: Niko kills Dimitri on the Platypus

Day 2: Timur and Bulgarin discover that Dimitri is dead, and take the heroin to funland. Romans weding goes ahead. Kate is killed and Niko sleeps in the Bohan safe house.

Day 3: Luis finds out that Bulgarin is at funland (Departure Time) and Niko kills Pegorino (Out of Commission)

That list u love is wrong but it is right in some places at least, Departure Time and Out of Commission are together and No Love Lost and It's War are together as well so the list is correct there. Roman's Sorrow is in the next section where it should be.

This is over now, i will not see any more of your comments because i am not going to look at this page again. Laters Mait, umm i mean Mate.

everything u said was made BY YOU no one else, and now your giving up? I think i have won this I OWN YOU!!!!!!!!


Any other thoughts on what the title of this article should be, or even if it's really needed? --GuildKnighttalk2me 15:28, 18 October 2010 (BST)

Mission tree

Here's a mission tree by Magic_Al of GTAForums. It is the most detailed image interconnecting all the missions among IV and its episodes.--spaceeinstein 06:33, 6 September 2011 (BST)