Missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony

This is a list of missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony. In total there twenty-six missions, six side-missions, and three random character encounters. The Ballad of Gay Tony was intended to give players an over-the-top and immersive gaming experience to end the gameplay in the Liberty City era. A new feature to the series is in TBOGT the player is scored on the mission by their statistics (accuracy, headshots, time etc.). Another new feature is if you complete all 26 missions, you have the ability to replay those missions at anytime via Luis' mobile to gain a better result. Completing all the main missions with at least 80% scores awards the player the "Past the Velvet Rope" achievement, or the "Gold Star" achievement for all scores 100%. Other achievements are "Bear Fight" which is for beating all six levels of the L.C. Cage Fighters, "Snow Queen" for passing twenty-five drug wars, "Catch the Bus" for dancing perfectly in both nightclubs, and "Gone Down" for passing all base jumps. Also take note that some of these intertwine with the original GTA IV storyline, and The Lost and Damned story. These are however listed by the order in which they are received.

Storyline Missions

Gay Tony

Mission Name/Photo Mission Host Brief Description Benefits/Unlocks

#1 I Luv LC

Tony Prince During a robbery, drive tony to maisonette 9 and Hercules.
Pick up your friends Armando & Henrique and take them home.
Practice Swing
Chinese Takeout
Momma's Boy

#2 Chinese Takeout

Tony Prince Head to the Dragon Heart's Plaza in Chinatown with Tony
Kill the Triads when the meeting turns sour and head back to Maisonette 9.
Blog This!...

#3 Practice Swing

Tony Prince Meet Rocco at the Golden Pier Swingers Golf Club.
Hit a Union Official with a golf ball numerous times to get information out of him.
Kill the remaining and escape in a Caddy.

#4 Bang Bang

Tony Prince Destroy three targets using sticky bombs within a specific time period. $2,500

#5 Blog This!...

Tony Prince Drive Gracie to her house in Alderney.
Drive to the nearest internet café and comment on the celebinator's blog post.
...Blog This!

#6 Frosting on the Cake

Tony Prince Take Evan and Tony to the diamond exchange in East Hook.
When the deal is ambushed, eliminate the remaining bikers and escape from the cops.
Boulevard Baby

#7 Boulevard Baby

Tony Prince Drive to Bahama Mamas and dance with Monique.
Kill her boy friend and eliminate security.
Escape from the vicinity.
Going Deep
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#8 ...Blog This!

Tony Prince Humiliate the Celebinator. $2,000
Not So Fast

#9 Not So Fast

Tony Prince Fly to The Libertonian using Yusuf's Buzzard.
Ambush the deal and retrieve the diamonds.
Ladies' Night

#10 Ladies' Night

Tony Prince Follow and track down Gracie's kidnapper.
Collect Gracie.

#11 Ladies Half Price

Tony Prince Head to the exchange at the Charge Island Sewage Works
Get Gracie back and shake Bulgarin's assassin off the boat.

#12 Party's Over

Tony Prince Head to Maisonette 9 and protect Tony from Bulgarin's assassins.
Go to the club's entrance and destroy the backup.

#13 Departure Time

Tony Prince Destroy the heroin shipments at Funland, kill Timur and Ray's men.
Go to the airport, catch up with Bulgarin's jet and kill him in flight.

Adriana Lopez

Mission Name/Photo Mission Host Brief Description Benefits/Unlocks

#1 Momma's Boy

Adriana Lopez Fight various Cage Fighters. $1000
L.C. Cage Fighters opens
Corner Kids

#2 Corner Kids

Adriana Lopez Drive to the deal with Armando and Henrique.
Eliminate the cops when the deal is ambushed.
Drug Wars are now available
Clocking Off

#3 Clocking Off

Adriana Lopez Drive the pier in Bohan with Armando and Henrique.
Eliminate the rival gang that attempts to steal the shipment.

Yusuf Amir

Mission Name/Photo Mission Host Brief Description Benefits/Unlocks

#1 Sexy Time

Yusuf Amir Steal the Buzzard from the yacht for Yusuf.
Destroy the yacht and eliminate the arms dealers on boats.
Fly the Buzzard to the helipad.
High Dive

#2 High Dive

Yusuf Amir Drive to meet Ahmed Khalil and Tahir Saeed at Rotterdam Tower.
Chase Ahmed to the top of the tower and parachute safely to the ground.

#3 Caught with your Pants Down

Yusuf Amir Steal a NOOSE APC for Yusuf.
Deliver it to Yusuf's construction site in Algonquin while in the attempt to fight off the cops.

#4 For the Man Who Has Everything

Yusuf Amir Jump onboard the roof of the train, and fight off the cops.
Reach the front car and disconnect it from the rest of the train for Yusuf to steal.
Super Drop Diamond
Gold SMG

Mori Kibbutz

Mission Name/Photo Mission Host Brief Description Benefits/Unlocks
No Photo Available

#1 Kibbutz Number One

Mori Kibbutz Head to the docks in Bohan with Mori.
Finish his rivals when they refuse to do the deal.
No Photo Available

#2 This Ain't Checkers

Mori Kibbutz Win the race between Mori and two other racers. $1,000

#3 No. 3

Mori Kibbutz Take the car from the carpark in Algonquin
Land the vehicle safely on the container.

Ray Bulgarin

Mission Name/Photo Mission Host Brief Description Benefits/Unlocks
No Photo Available

#1 Going Deep

Ray Bulgarin Drive to the remote car park off Topaz Street.
Hide a sticky bomb on the car and take out the N.O.O.S.E. team.
Dropping In...

#2 Dropping In...

Ray Bulgarin Parachute on to the instructed MeTV building in Star Junction.
Head to the office of the Liberty City Rampage and kill Marki Ashvilli.
In the Crosshairs

#3 In the Crosshairs

Ray Bulgarin Head over to Little Italy, take out the snipers and eliminate Bulgarin's assassins. $6,000

Side Missions or Minigames

Random characters

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