Hostile Negotiation

Hostile Negotiation
Niko Bellic receiving a text from Dimitri Rascalov.
Niko Bellic receiving a text from Dimitri Rascalov.

Niko Bellic receiving a text from Dimitri Rascalov.
For Roman Bellic
Target Dimitri's men & the kidnapper
Location Bohan Industrial, Bohan
Fail Dying, shooting or killing Roman, Stepping too close or taking too long to kill the kidnapper holding Roman
Reward New Algonquin safehouse
Unlocks Weekend at Florian's
Unlocked by Have a Heart, Photo Shoot

Hostile Negotiation is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV triggered after a phone call. Niko saves Roman after he is kidnapped by Dimitri Rascalov.


Once the player has completed Have a Heart and Photo Shoot, Niko Bellic will receive a call from Mallorie Bardas, who tells him that Roman has been kidnapped. Dimitri Rascalov sends a violent picture of Roman held at gunpoint which Niko mutters at (if you call Dimitri after reading the text, Niko will angrily curse at him, saying he will cut his fucking head off and threaten him).

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  • The events in Hostile Negotiation mark one of the few links between the GTA IV storyline and its episodic counterparts. In this example, the events shortly prior to this mission are played through the perspective of Johnny Klebitz in The Lost and Damned episodic content. It is revealed that Johnny Klebitz kidnapped Roman because Ashley owed Dimitri's men a favor after acquiring a large debt. This side of the kidnap, the mission name is Roman's Holiday, and has Johnny and Malc kidnapping Roman after gambling at his usual spot and then taking him to the warehouse in Bohan's Industrial District.
  • This mission, along with some other missions, is triggered automatically by a phone call.
  • While talking to Roman after saving him, Niko will say that he gives Roman money; but Niko is never shown giving money to him before or after this point it is possible that this is featured in a cutscene in one of the Deleted Missions.
  • This event is also briefly referenced in the original GTA IV storyline, in the form of Roman sending Niko a text explaining how a biker kidnapped him.
  • Once you receive the picture message of Roman from Dimitri, Niko will talk furiously about him, saying; "You've crossed the line, Dimitri"!
  • If you try to land on the roof of the warehouse with a helicopter, you will be shot by two guys standing on the roof with rocket launchers.
  • The staircase where you will go down (after you have rescued Roman) can actually be used to speed up the mission (on the part when you are about to save him); instead of going to the yellow marker, go upstairs, then you will hear the dialogue of Roman and the captor (because you are already at the same floor with them, only that you are outside the warehouse). Most of the henchmen from inside the building will take aggressive action and go up the stairs as well, making them prone to gunfire and, therefore, easier to kill (they have no cover). So it makes the mission a killing spree instead of a takedown.
  • An interesting phone call can take place if Niko calls Dimitri after he receives the photo of Roman. Niko will furiously describe how he will cut off Dimitri's face, and hang it on his wall to remind himself of what a treacherous, cheating scumbag looks like, then saying "Goodbye, friend." Niko calls him "friend" as a reference to Dimitri ending his own text messages to Niko with "Your friend, Dimitri."
  • There is a Carbine Rifle in one of the rooms on the bottom floor of the warehouse.
  • If you killed Ivan Bytchkov in the mission 'Ivan The Not So Terrible', a Russian-American goon will shout 'Say hello to Ivan the Terrible for me!" before being shot by Niko, possibly explaining Ivan had more connections with the Russian Mafia than previously known about.
  • If you have Dwayne's special ability you can call him and he will send two of his guys round to help.
  • As this mission is triggered by a phone call and not optionally triggered on the players own time by going to a location, it can be costly in terms of losing a prized vehicle, for example, if the mission triggers immediately following a date and before Niko can park at a safehouse and save. The game provides advance warning that the mission is coming by having Mallorie phone Niko a number of game hours prior to the mission expressing her concern that Roman never came home last night.