Three's a Crowd/Walkthrough

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Three's a Crowd
Niko picking Michelle and Mallorie up
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "Three's a Crowd" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


  • Go to the station.

Get in Roman's Taxi and go to the train station at Hove Beach. When you get there, honk and wait for Mallorie and Michelle to enter the car.

  • Go to the apartment.

Now drive to Michelle's apartment at Rotterdam Hill. When you leave the girls there, Niko calls Roman to tell him Mallorie doesn't like his clothes. He tells him to go to a Russian Shop.

  • Go to the clothes store.

Go to the Russian shop at Hove Beach, park the car and enter the shop. Upon entering, the game tells you to buy some clothes. You can buy whatever you want, but you only need one piece of clothes to impress Michelle. When you're done, get out to complete the mission.

After a while, you get two phone calls: Michelle asks Niko out on a date and Roman tells him he's being attacked by the loan sharks. You now have to make a desicion.