Three's a Crowd

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Three's a Crowd
Roman Bellic being attacked by Bledar Morina while Niko Bellic tries to chase off Dardan Petrela

Roman Bellic being attacked by Bledar Morina while Niko Bellic tries to chase off Dardan Petrela
For Roman Bellic
Objective Pick up Mallorie and Michelle and drop them off at Michelle's apartment, then visit the Russian Shop
Location Hove Beach and East Hook
Fail Mallorie's death or being injured.
Michelle's death or being injured.
Destruction of Roman's Taxi on the way to pick up the women.
Offending the clothing store's owner before making a purchase.
Reward One Free Item Of clothing
Unlocks First Date
Bleed Out
Unlocked by It's Your Call

Three's a Crowd is the third mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic from his cab depot.


Roman is being threatened by some Albanian thugs, Dardan Petrela and Bledar Morina. They destroy Roman's computer and pull out a knife. When Niko enters, he chases them off, breaking Bledar's arm in the process. Roman complains about not being able to have a good life because of the loan sharks. Roman then receives a call from Mallorie, and asks Niko to pick her up from the Hove Beach LTA and take her, and her friend Michelle, to Michelle's apartment.

Niko picks Mallorie and Michelle up from the station and takes them to the apartment at Mohawk Ave. Along the way, Mallorie suggests that Niko take Michelle out on a date. She also suggests that Niko buy some new clothes.

After taking the girls to the apartment, Niko calls Roman, who suggests he buys some new clothes at the Russian clothing store on Mohawk. Niko goes to the store and buys new clothes.


The player does not get any rewards, aside from a free item of clothing.

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  • If the player exits the car before he/she enters the yellow marker to pick the girls up and walk over to Mallorie and Michelle, they will not recognize Niko. You can treat them like any other pedestrian on the street. You can knock them over and pull them around, even slightly injure with with a baseball bat, as long as you don't kill them.
  • If the player starts a fight with a pedestrian or has the cops after him before he enters the yellow marker to pick up the girls, Mallorie and Michelle will come to Niko's aid and fight anyone after Niko, including the police. Even when the police shoot at the girls, they keep on fighting. The game recognises them as alies until Niko picks them up.