Unfriendly Competition

Unfriendly Competition
Victor Vance and Diego Mendez inside the Mendez Cartel
Victor Vance and Diego Mendez inside the Mendez Cartel

Victor Vance and Diego Mendez inside the Mendez Cartel
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Armando Mendez and Diego Mendez
Target Dealers
Location Prawn Island, Vice City
Reward $1,300
Unlocks High Wire
Quad purchase
Unlocked by Hostile Takeover

Unfriendly Competition is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Armando Mendez and Diego Mendez from their home on Prawn Island, Vice City.


Victor Vance goes to the Mendez mansion and meets Diego Mendez who is reading a book and uninterested in talking. After a short wait, the older brother Armando appears in the scene and informs Vic of some dealers addressing their home as an entry to drugs and he wants Vic to get rid of them. The dealers are hiding at Ocean Beach. Vic kills one of the dealers and heads for the second and last one of them. Upon arriving at the Standing Vice Point Hotel, where the dealer is, he tells Vic about it being a private party and Vic threatens him with a gun but the dealer is actually protected by all the prostitutes around and they start to attack Vic. Once all the bodyguards are killed, the dealer heads for a Quad bike with another hooker protecting him from the back. Once Vic kills her, the dealer starts to drop grenades and after a chase Vic eventually kills him while being attacked by more of the dealer's hookers from a Maverick.


(Diego, Armando Mendez, Vic Vance at Mendez's mansion)

Victor Vance: Excuse me. Mr. Mendez.

Diego Mendez: Armando! Aqui! Tus Amigos! (Armando! Come here! It's your friends!)

Victor Vance: Nice talking to you too, pal.

Armando Mendez: Ah, my brother. What a conversationalist. Only today we were discussing philosophy. He is a great fan of Plato, but I have always been more Aristotelian. I think perhaps that is why he is so happy, and I am so weighed down by worry. What do you think?

Victor Vance: Me? Shit. The world is full of suffering, then you die.

Armando Mendez: See! I knew we were of one mind, you and I, which is why I know you will feel this slight as much as me.

Victor Vance: Here we go...

Armando Mendez: Some crooks have shown their contempt for us by using our home as an entryway for drugs into this fine nation.

Victor Vance: Like you?

Armando Mendez: Exactly! Plagiarism! It is an insult! I hope you're wise enough to see that if you let a man insult you, before long he will try to kill you. You must kill these degenerates. You'll find them near Ocean Beach.

(Victor goes to the first drug runner)

Dealer #1: Who the hell is that guy?

(Victor goes to the hotels swimming pool area with the dealer there)

Dealer #2: This is a private party, pal.

Victor Vance: Yeah? Well, this is a public execution.

Dealer: Holy shit! Get him, girls!

Victor Vance: Motherfucker.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,300 and the mission High Wire is unlocked. A Quad bike becomes available for purchase at the beach-side hotel.

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