Prawn Island

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An aerial view of Prawn Island in GTAVC.
Prawn Island location

Prawn Island is a small island in northern Vice City, between Downtown and Vice Point. The island harbors InterGlobal Films and is the turf of the Sharks. The name is play on the name for shrimp, prawn, and the alternate name for porn, pron, due to InterGlobal Films business in the porn industry. Prawn Island used to have some beautiful villas, but they have been abandoned, boarded up, and taken over by the Sharks. Prawn Island was the main base of the Mendez Cartel where their mansion was located, later abandoned upon the death of their leaders and fallen into the hands of the Sharks.



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  • If you go southeast of the InterGlobal Films lot, there is a man in the water with concrete shoes.
  • Prawn Island sounds like Porn Island if you say it fast.
  • Prawn has the same pronounciation as Pr0n, which in Leet code is Porn .