User:Carl "CJ" Johnson/Grand Theft Auto: Jermaine Covered

Grand Theft Auto: Jermaine Covered is an in-progress GTA Fan Fiction series by Zach Marsh aka User: Carl "CJ" Johnson. The series is created so that, like the GTA IV DLCs, places a different, minor character, in this case, Jermaine Andrews, as the protagonist in a storyline parallel to that of the main game.


Jermaine Covered follows a linear storyline similar to that of the actual GTA games. The chapters are divided into two types: missions, which are like the linear objectives the player must complete to finish a GTA game, and the "free roam" sections in between them.

Pretty Theft

The story begins with Jermaine leaving the Pay 'n' Spray on Gibson Street in Broker after dropping his Sultan RS off. He calls Roman Bellic to get a cab, and Mohammad soon pulls up afterwards.

Jermaine is driven to a house on Savannah Avenue near the Monoglobe, where he steals a Comet parked outside. After briefly being chased by the men living at the house, Jermaine disables their car by causing a non-fatal crash and getting the Comet to safety. Jermaine makes a small amount of cash from this.


Jermaine steals a PCJ-600 and heads to the Russian Shop, where he purchases camo pants, a jacket, and sunglasses, for $48. He goes to his house on Rotterdam Hill and soon after gets a phone call from Dwayne Forge, leader of the M.O.B., who Jermaine is part of, along with the North Holland Hustlers, however Dwayne is in prison and has to be discreet in asking Jermaine what to do.