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Carl "CJ" Johnson
Carl Johnson, the protagonist of San Andreas and the namesake of this user.

Carl Johnson, the protagonist of San Andreas and the namesake of this user.
Full Name Carl "CJ" Johnson
Place of Birth Scarborough, ON, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Home Ajax, ON, Canada
Affiliations Grand Theft Wiki

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I'm off to Ryerson in a couple weeks so I might not be around too often. I'm going to try and contribute as much as possible in that time, though.

My Talk Page. Feel free to leave a message if you need some help or have a question to ask.

My Sandbox, take a look! (Note: The Sandbox is empty at the moment)

My To Do List, take a look! It shows the wiki tasks that I am working on at the moment.

My Image Bank, take a look! If you need a safe place to store your images, inform me.

LCPD Database record

Username: Carl "CJ" Johnson

Real Name: Zach Marsh

Age: 19 yrs.

Place of Birth: Scarborough, ON, Canada

Date of Birth: May 29th, 1995

Affiliations: Grand Theft Wiki, Searching For Kim

Current Location: Ajax, ON, Canada

Known Hangouts: Grand Theft Wiki, MI6 Community,

Wanted For: Drumming like Ringo, Bonham, et al

Status: At large

Criminal Record:

  • 2006 - Wrote and premiered teaser episodes for "Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories".
  • 2011 - Cancelled the series after a five year hiatus.
  • 2012 - Featured on first recording; the "Paper Cranes & Hand Grenades" EP by Searching For Kim.
  • 20XX - Re-wrote the series and premiered it for a second time.
Todo.png To-do list for User:Carl "CJ" Johnson: edit · history · watch · refresh

1: Add/edit minor details about the series; the little things that people may not have picked up on

2: Flesh out forgotten/stub articles

3: Correct mistakes of any kind, whether informational or aesthetic (grammar, spelling, etc.)