Victor Vance wearing the Winner in GTA Vice City Stories.

The Winner is an unlockable outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for protagonist Victor Vance.


The Winner is fashioned as simple casualwear that consists of a white t-shirt with "R*LAX" printed on, blue stonewashed jeans (its texture derived from the Casuals but lightened) and yellow loafers.

The Winner is an end-game reward that is added to the player's wardrobe after completing the game's storyline missions, specifically by completing "Last Stand". The outfit is thus comparable to 'The King' jumpsuit in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (which is unlocked the same way) and the Frankie in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (which is more identical to the Winner by its design).

Like other clothes in the game, changing into the outfit will remove up to a two star wanted level.