World's Largest Cock

"The Worlds Largest Cock" sign
The World's Largest Cock, with Pecker's Feed & Seed in the background.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a large plaster sculpture of a chicken known as the World's Largest Cock is located in the town of Las Payasadas in north Bone County, San Andreas, to the northwest of Las Venturas. The cock, which is roughly three stories high and serves an advertising gimmick for "Pecker's Feed & Seed", bobs its head mechanically in the same way a chicken pecks for food on the ground. The chicken serves as the town's primary attraction.

The cock is a nod to many "World's Largest..." sculptures or exhibitions that are dotted throughout the United States. The name of the sculpture is also a sexual reference to a large penis, one of many such jokes in the Grand Theft Auto series.

The cock appears again in Grand Theft Auto IV, where it exists in a scaled-down form within a miniature golf course in Firefly Island, Liberty City. The "Pecker's Feed & Seed" text on both sides of the cock is replaced by "Firefly Island".


  • The head of the chicken is not solid. If the player is able to get onto the chicken's back, e.g. with a jetpack, the player can walk right through the chicken's neck and head, and land on the ground in front of the chicken.