El Burro Heights

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El Burro Heights is a neighbourhood in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The neighbourhood is controlled by the Marabunta Grande although Los Santos Vagos can appear on the border with Rancho.

Events of HD Universe

In early 2013, Simeon Yetarian tasks the protagonist(s) of GTA Online, to repossess a car he had sold to a Los Santos Vagos gangster. The Dinghy required for the Humane Raid set up mission EMP is off the coast of El Burro Heights. Later in the year, Michael De Santa visits Lester Crest at his bungalow and agrees to plant a device inside a prototype phone created by Lifeinvader, which is later used to kill the company founder and CEO Jay Norris. Michael, his new acquaintance Franklin Clinton, and old friend Trevor Philips meet at Covington Supplies when ordered to kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov from the IAA Building on orders from FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton.

Mission appearances

GTA Online



Businesses and places

Name Location Street(s) Type
12 Sustancia Rd El Burro Heights El Rancho Blvd/Sustancia Rd Residence
Covington Supplies El Burro Heights El Rancho Blvd Garage
El Burro Heights Fire Station El Burro Heights Capital Blvd/El Rancho Blvd Fire station
Jay & Son Vehicle Parts & Accessories El Burro Heights El Burro Blvd Automobile parts
Jet Abrasives, Inc. El Burro Heights/Cypress Flats El Rancho Blvd/South Shambles St Abrasives supplier
L.T. Weld Supply Co. El Burro Heights/Murrieta Heights Capital Blvd/El Rancho Blvd Manufacturing
Lester Crest's Bungalow El Burro Heights Amarillo Vista Residence
Los Santos Tattoos El Burro Heights El Rancho Blvd/Innocence Blvd Tattoo parlor
RON filling station El Burro Heights Capital Blvd/El Rancho Blvd Filling station
St. Fiacre Hospital El Burro Heights/Murrieta Heights Capital Blvd Healthcare
Thorns El Burro Heights Capital Blvd
Wholesale Office Furniture El Burro Heights South Shambles St Furniture




  • The neighbourhood is named after the character El Burro, who has appeared in the 2D, 3D and HD universes.