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Morningwood is a wealthy neighbourhood in northern Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The neighbourhood is bordered by Richman to the north, Rockford Hills to the east, Backlot City (shown as Richards Majestic in-game) to the south, Del Perro to the west, and Pacific Bluffs to the northwest.


Morningwood is a wealthy neighbourhood with a large shopping area, mainly devoted to clothing stores and places to eat, with a small residential area. The businesses in the neighhourhood, however, are prone to changing with many owners failing to pay rent within a six month period and closing. Morningwood is described as being one of the cleanest and safest neighbourhoods in the city.

Events of HD Universe

In 1930, the Weazel Theater is opened, which later featured the premieres of films such as The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith (1975), Lions & Donkeys (1984), Blue Blood (1986), and The Shoulder of Orion I (1992). The premiere of Lions and Donkeys garnered at least nationwide attention to the neighbourhood after the films star Chip Hampton walked up the red carpet with two slaves in chains. In 2013, after killing a number of FIB and IAA agents, and Merryweather Security Consulting mercenaries, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips meet to discuss their plans for 'the big one' in an alleyway off North Rockford Dr in Morningwood.

Depending on player choice, Michael can purchase the Tivoli Cinema for $30 million after the mission Nervous Ron with Danny, the manager, asking Michael to help by, for example, promoting the cinema or protecting it from gangs.


Businesses and places

Name Street(s) Type
1237 Prosperity St Prosperity St Residential
Ammu-Nation Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Weapons
Binco Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Clothing
Broker Morningwood Blvd Clothing
Café Redemption Cougar Ave/Morningwood Blvd/West Eclipse Blvd Food and drink
Café Vespucci Cougar Ave/Morningwood Blvd Food and drink
Cell Phones Sales and Repair Boulevard Del Perro Cell phones
Checkout! Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Supermarket
Chido! Cougar Ave/North Rockford Dr Food and drink
Dickies Bagels & Deli Morningwood Blvd Food and drink
Digital Den Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Technology
Discount Jewels Cougar Ave/Morningwood Blvd Jewellers
Electrical Supplies Boulevard Del Perro Technology
Enoteco Kerplonk West Eclipse Blvd Food and drink
Fruit on the Vine Cougar Ave Food and drink
Fuque Morningwood Blvd Clothing
The Grain of Truth North Rockford Dr/Perth St Food and drink
Ground & Pound Café Morningwood Blvd Food and drink
Gutter & Blood Morningwood Blvd Clothing
Homme Gina Morningwood Blvd/Perth St Clothing
Homme Gina North Rockford Dr/Perth St Clothing
International Online Unlimited Cougar Ave Unknown
L.S. Gentstyle Morningwood Blvd/Perth St Clothing
Las Cuadras Deli North Rockford Dr Food and drink
Las Cuadras Restaurant North Rockford Dr Food and drink
Laser Prints Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Printing
Los Santos Office Supply Co. Boulevard Del Perro/Morningwood Blvd Office supplies
Loyal Discount Carpets Boulevard Del Perro Furniture
The Mighty Bush West Eclipse Blvd Landscaping
Miss T Cougar Ave Clothing
Nail Bar & Spa Boulevard Del Perro Beauty salon
Olde But Goodie Antiques North Rockford Dr/West Eclipse Blvd Antiques
Outdoor Action North Rockford Dr Clothing
Panache Laundering Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Dry cleaners
Ponsonbys Cougar Ave Laundromat
Radge Morningwood Blvd Clothing
Robs Liquor Prosperity St Food and drink
Stacey's Flower Emporium Prosperity St Florists
RON filling station North Rockford Dr/Perth St Filling station
Tivoli Cinema Cougar Ave/Morningwood Blvd Cinema
Vankhov Perth St Jewellers
Vitamins Pharmacy Boulevard Del Perro/Morningwood Blvd Pharmacy
XYZ Store Cougar Ave/Morningwood Blvd Media
Weazel Theater Cougar Ave/Morningwood Blvd Cinema
Woody's Autos Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Dr Car dealership




  • A Monkey Mosaic can be found on Woody's Autos and is visible when travelling south on North Rockford Dr.



  • 2 ATMs (at Tivoli Cinema)
  • P's and Q's (can be purchased for $1 at Robs Liquor)
  • EgoChaser (can be purchased for $2 at Robs Liquor)
  • Meteorite (can be purchased for $4 at Robs Liquor)


  • "Morning woos" is a slang term for an erection after waking up.
  • When switching to Michael, they may find him leaving the cinema complaining about the quality of films the cinema shows.
  • The International Online Unlimited business is on the border between Morningwood and Rockford Hills.