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Gama Rei is a character in Grand Theft Auto 2 who works for Johnny Zoo, leader of the Yakuza in Anywhere City. Gama Rei is in the hospital for plastic surgery but needs to get to safehouse<ref name="Gama Rei safehouse">Johnny Zoo: "Hi, Kosai, it's Johnny Zoo. Gama Rei has to leave the City Hospital - fast. He's in plastic surgery so you need a Medicar." (from Get Gama Rei! mission)</ref>, as he has angered the Loonies who send assassins to kill him.<ref name="Gama Rei Loonies">Johnny Zoo: "Gama Rei must be taken to the Safehouse before the Loonies dispatch Assassins. Move it!." (from Get Gama Rei! mission)</ref> Claude Speed, having picked him up from the hospital, drives him to a safehouse.

His name is a play on gamma ray.