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Uno Carbine
[[Image::File:RedValdezTreyWelshUnoCarb-GTA2.png| ]]
Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Uno Carbine
Aliases Uno Carb
One Gun
The Man With No Name
Santa Clause


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013
Home Industrial District, Anywhere City
Family Ulrika Afrique (girlfriend)
Main Affiliations The Zaibatsu Corporation (leader))

Uno Carbine, better known as Uno Carb, is a character in Grand Theft Auto 2 and is the leader of The Zaibatsu Corporation in the Industrial District of Anywhere City (although his head looks identical to those of Trey Welsh and Red Valdez). Carb is one of Claude Speed's last bosses in the game, having Claude earn his trust by killing members of the Hare Krishna. Carb then has him neutralize some rivals, steal reactor fuel from the Russian Mafia, steal back some Zaibatsu artificial intelligence units from the Russians, starts a gang war between the Russians and the Krishna, collect some police/army vehicles and then steal a second tank. Claude, however, manages to anger Carb, Jerkov (leader of the Russian Mafia) and Sunbeam (leader of the Hare Krishna), but manages to kill the three of them.

Carbine has a heroin addiction, which he pays for by selling cutting edge weaponry from Zaibatsu. He has a relationship with Ulrika Afrique, but enjoys sleeping with high-class call girls. He is also known as "One Gun", "The Man With No Name" and "Santa Claus".

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