Norm Richards

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Norm Richards
[[Image::File:NormRichards-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Norm Richards
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Ex-wife
Three children
Main Affiliations Lester Crest
Karl Abolaji (2013)
Chef (2013)
Karim Denz (2013)
Christian Feltz (2013)
Paige Harris (2013)
Daryl Johns (2013)
Rickie Lukens (2013)
Taliana Martinez (2013)
Patrick McReary (2013)
Gustavo Mota (2013)
Eddie Toh (2013)
Hugh Welsh (2013)
Franklin Clinton (2013)
Michael De Santa (2013)
Trevor Philips (2013)
Occupation Career criminal
Voiced by Evan Neumann

Norm Richards is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. Norm is voiced by Evan Neumann.

Character history

Norm Richards lived with his wife and three children until learning of Michael Townley's death when he decided to become a career criminal. He robbed a warehouse and earned $10,000. His spent his money on drugs and prostitutes before leaving his family. He later moved to Los Santos and became an associate of Lester Crest who gives Michael, who had not died, the option of using Richards in four heists as a gunman: robbing Vangelico's Fine Jewelry, robbing the Blaine County Savings Bank, performing a terrorist attack on the FIB building and robbing the Union Depository. In return, Norm asks for a 6% cut of the groups earnings.

Role in Heists

The Jewel Store Job

If chosen, in either the loud or subtle approach, he will fall off his motorcycle when entering the sewer tunnels and will either die or be badly injured. He also drops the jewels he is carrying, although they can be picked up by Franklin.

The Paleto Score

If chosen, he will be killed when a police car crushes him against a wall where he will ask Michael is he made him proud. His bag of the money can be collected by Michael.

The Bureau Raid

If chosen in the roof approach, Norm can survive but can be killed by FIB agents during the escape. In the subtle approach, he will be killed by an explosion while trying to escape the building by an explosion. If he is chosen with Daryl Johns or Hugh Welsh, he or the other gunman will be killed in the explosion.

The Big Score

In the subtle approach, if he is chosen as the first gunman he will struggle loading the stolen gold into the Gauntlet and will lose $18 million even with previous experience during The Bureau Raid. If selected as the second gunman, he will perform his duties adequately. In the obvious approach, Norm will succeed as either the first or second gunman. However, if selected as the second gunman and was not used in The Bureau Raid, he has a higher chance of being killed by the police during the escape.

Mission appearances