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Appearances GTA Vice City Stories
Full Name Ronaldo
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Vice City
Main Affiliations Cubans/Los Cabrones (gang member)
Umberto Robina
Occupation Gang member
You may be looking for Ronaldo Young, a character mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Ronaldo is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Character history

Ronaldo is, in 1984, a Vice City based member of the Cubans gang, also known as Los Cabrones. Ronaldo is tasked by the gangs leader Umberto Robina with retrieving a package for him from Downtown and delivering it to him in Viceport in competition with a number of others. Victor Vance, recently discharged from the military, successfully delivers the package with the player having the option of killing Ronaldo.

Mission appearance

GTA Vice City Stories