Giorgio Forelli

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Giorgio Forelli
Appearances GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
Full Name Giorgio Forelli
Aliases Georgio Forelli


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Family Sonny Forelli (cousin)
Franco Forelli (likely)
Mike Forelli (likely)
Main Affiliations Forelli Family (gang member)
Ken Rosenberg (lawyer)
Barry Mickelthwaite (former)
Occupation Gang member
Loan shark

Giorgio Forelli is a character in the 3D Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Character history

Giorgio is a member of the Forelli Family. Giorgio is a cross dresser and the cousin of Sonny Forelli. By 1984 Giorgio had become a loan shark, loaning Barry Mickelthwaite over two million dollars. Giorgio demands that Barry return his money and sends hitmen to kill both Barry and Phil Collins, although the hitmen were killed by Victor Vance. By 1986 Giorgio has been put on trial for fraud. The Vice City Police Department believe that a conviction is a cert, although Giorgio's lawyer Ken Rosenberg has Tommy Vercetti intimidate some jurors. Giorgio is later aquitted.

VCBI Record

Giorgio Forelli has a record in the Vice City Bureau of Investigation, although it is very brief.[1]:

  • Italian-American Criminal.
  • Current Case is going to trial.
  • Conviction thought to be certain.
  • Related to Liberty City organised crime family.
  • Cross-dresser.


  • His name is spelled Georgio on the official GTA Vice City website, but is spelled Giorgio in both GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories dialogue.


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