Janet Vance

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Janet Vance

Janet Vance is the drug-addicted mother[1] of the Vance brothers (Victor, Lance and Pete Vance). Since she was not fit to be a parent, her children lived with their Aunt Enid[2]. Janet appears in a cutscene with her boyfriend Javier swearing she would never take drugs , only to end up stealing her sons' stash of cocaine. She is a Caucasian, thus implying the father was Dominican.

Janet Vance was voiced by Lynda Ashe.

Mission appearance

GTA Vice City Stories


  1. From Victor's pager:
    Aunt Enid: "Have you seen your cokehead mother? She just left town..."
  2. From the mission Snitch Hitch:
    Janet Vance: "How can you say that... I raised you."
    Victor Vance: "Aunt Enid raised us, not you."