Karl Abolaji

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Karl Abolaji
[[Image::File:KarlAbolaji-GTAV.png| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Karl Abolaji
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Epsilon Program (follower)
Lester Crest
Karim Denz
Christian Feltz
Paige Harris
Daryl Johns
Rickie Lukens
Taliana Martinez
Patrick McReary
Gustavo Mota
Norm Richards
Eddie Toh
Hugh Welsh
Franklin Clinton (2013)
Michael De Santa (2013)
Trevor Philips (2013)
Voiced by Jaime Lincoln Smith

Karl Abolaji is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Jaime Lincoln Smith.

Character history

Karl Abolaji is, in 2013, a gunman for hire and an associate of Lester Crest who can be hired by Michael De Santa to assist in heists.