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Darkel was scheduled to be a character in Grand Theft Auto III, but he was removed during its development. Darkel was to be a revolutionary urchin who would vow to bring down the city's economy. One known mission for Darkel involved stealing an ice cream van, using it to attract pedestrians and then blowing it up (this mission was given to El Burro as I Scream, You Scream).[1] Darkel was originally expected to give out Rampage-esque missions and terrorist-like missions.[2] Rockstar never revealed why Darkel was removed; however, it has been speculated[3] that his removal is tied to changes made to the game following the 9/11 attacks, which occurred prior to the game's release—another Darkel mission involved killing Donald Love by flying a plane into the Love Media building.

Despite being taken out, Darkel remains listed in the GTA III manual credits and the character texture remains in the game's data files. A group of tramps with molotovs can be found in the tunnel that connects 8-Ball's bomb shop in Harwood to the rear of the Supa Save! in Portland View, supposedly remnants of Darkel's "gang" - a Liberty Tree article also alludes to a rise in tramp-related assaults. Darkel was supposedly meant to live underneath the Callahan Bridge, where he would give the player missions.

Bill Fiore recorded dialogue for Darkel, and despite it being removed from the game, he is still credited as such in the game's credits.


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