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[[Image::File:Catalina-GTAIII.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA III
GTA San Andreas
Full Name Catalina


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Death October 2001 (during The Exchange)
Nationality American
Home Shack in Fern Ridge, Red County, San Andreas
Mansion in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Family Cesar Vialpando (cousin)
Main Affiliations Cesar Vialpando
Carl Johnson
Colombian Cartel
Curly Bob
Uptown Yardies
Purple Nines
Vehicles Buffalo
Occupation Bank robber
Gang leader
Drug manufacturer and dealer
Voiced by Cynthia Farrell

{{infobox character |name=Catalina |image=Catalina.jpg |games=[[Grand Theft Auto III]]
[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] |dob=1967 |dod=[[2001]] |nationality=Mexican [[United States of America|American]] |family=[[Cesar Vialpando]] (cousin) |affiliations=[[Colombian Cartel]]
[[Cesar Vialpando]]
[[Carl Johnson]] |businesses=Drug Dealing
Bank Robberies |voice=[[Cynthia Farrell]] }} '''Catalina''' (1967 - [[2001]]) is a character in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] (also the main [[antagonist]]) and [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] of Dominican and Colombian descent and was voiced by [[Cynthia Farrell]]. Her last name is unknown, though it might be Vialpando, as her cousin is [[Varrios Los Aztecas]] leader [[Cesar Vialpando]]. ==Character History== In [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], it is revealed Catalina is Cesar Vialpando's cousin living alone on the top of a mountain in [[Fern Ridge]]. After Carl Johnson was displaced by [[C.R.A.S.H.]] to the Badlands, Cesar introduced him to Catalina. CJ and Catalina struck up a reluctant partnership and went on a crime spree in the countryside, committing several robberies, including the robbery of the bank in [[Palomino Creek]] and the theft of a tanker trailer loaded with fuel from a gas station. Before the third heist, Catalina puts CJ through an extreme form of BDSM (though not explicitly shown), in the process, an unlikely love relationship developed between the two (though CJ was probably only looking to earn some quick cash to get back on his feet). The relationship was a short and turbulent one, and she eventually broke up with CJ and found herself a new boyfriend, [[Claude]], the silent protagonist from Grand Theft Auto III, before leaving the state of San Andreas for Liberty City. [[Image:Catalina & Claude.jpg|left|200px|thumb|Catalina and Claude]] Catalina appears in GTA III, in which she is a notorious bank robber and Claude's girlfriend in [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]. At the start of the game, she betrays Claude during a bank heist and shoots him, leaving him to be captured by the [[LCPD in GTA III Era|police]]. When Claude catches up with Catalina later, she has ascended to a high position in the local [[Colombian Cartel]] and is in a romantic relationship with it's leader, [[Miguel]]. With the help of the Cartel, Catalina operates the [[SPANK]] drug manufacturing and distribution business. As Claude made his way back up working for local crime bosses, he increasingly interfered with the Cartel's interests hoping to get a chance to exact revenge for Catalina's betrayal. He allied himself with the Colombian's rivals - the [[Yakuza]] and, at the suggestion of [[Donald Love]], took advantage of the tensions between the two gangs to orchestrate an open gang war between the two, hoping to weaken the Cartel. While on a mission for Love, Claude searched the Cartel occupied construction site for a mysterious package only to run into Catalina and Miguel, who took the package. A standoff ensued, which ended in Catalina shooting Miguel in the back and escaping. [[File:Catalina&MiguelGTAIII.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Catalina and Miguel]] Claude continued to attack Cartel interests until Catalina killed the Yakuza leader, [[Asuka Kasen]], and took [[Maria Latore]] hostage, demanding a $500,000 ransom to be brought to the Cartel headquarters in [[Cedar Grove]]. Claude went there and presented the ransom money, but Catalina again went back on her word and ordered her men to kill him. Instead, he overpowered the guard and acquired a weapon as Catalina escaped in a helicopter. Claude pursued her to the nearby [[Cochrane Dam]], where he shot the helicopter down with a rocket launcher, killing Catalina. ===Personality=== Catalina is portrayed as a reckless and extremely aggressive psychotic who turns on even close partners if they cease to be useful to her. In ''GTA San Andreas'', evidence of recent murders, such as a number of recently dug graves, can be found around her cabin on Fern Ridge. Much more of Catalina's psyche is brought to light during her conversations with CJ: She frequently shoots bystanders unprovoked during heists, she makes frequent references to cannibalism and she suffers from a persecution complex, possibly due to cruel treatment by her stepfather as a child. {{quote |They had to die because YOU were slow and stupid, like a big fat brat that eats chocolates while his father gives nothing to his step daughter but stale bread! }} After Catalina and Claude's departure, Catalina attempts to win CJ back by harrassing him over the phone trying to make him jealous of Claude, but all her efforts fail. It seems that Catalina has a tendency to double cross boyfriends/crime partners. She dumps [[Carl Johnson|Carl Johnson]] for [[Claude|Claude]], Claude for [[Miguel|Miguel]], and then leaves Miguel for dead. Between GTA San Andreas and GTA III, Catalina is known to have been on the move, committing robberies in multiple states over the length of 9 years. It is suggested that both Claude and Catalina had only temporarily resided in Liberty City after their 1992 journey from San Andreas, before leaving the city to commit more robberies in other states. In 2001, the FBI discovered that both Catalina and Claude may have returned to Liberty City. ==Murders Committed by Catalina== *[[Miguel]] - Killed for telling Cartel secrets to Asuka. *[[Asuka Kasen]] - Killed to kidnap Maria and for disrupting Cartel activities. ==GTA San Andreas Mission Appearances== * [[First Date (GTA SA)|First Date]] (Boss) * [[Tanker Commander]] (Boss) * [[First Base]] (Boss) * [[Against All Odds]] (Boss) * [[Gone Courting]] (Boss) * [[Local Liquor Store]] (Boss) * [[Made in Heaven]] (Boss) * [[Small Town Bank]] (Boss) * [[Farewell, My Love...]] * [[Lure (GTA SA)|Lure]] (Voice) * [[N.O.E.]] (Voice) * [[Home Coming]] (Voice) * [[End of the Line]] (Voice) ==GTA III Mission Appearances== * [[Cutting The Grass]] * [[Grand Theft Aero]] * [[Kingdom Come]] * [[S.A.M.]] (Note) * [[The Exchange]] (Killed) {{GTA III Characters}} {{GTA San Andreas Characters}} [[de:Catalina]] [[es:Catalina]] [[Category:Characters|Catalina]] [[Category:Characters in GTA III|Catalina]] [[Category:Characters in GTA San Andreas|Catalina]] [[Category:Gangsters|Catalina]]

Catalina is a recurring character in the 3D Universe who appears as the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto III and as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She is a criminal in Red County in GTA San Andreas and the leader of the Colombian Cartel in GTA III. She is also the cousin of Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando. She is voiced by Cynthia Farrell.

Character history

Life until 1992

Catalina, of mixed Dominican and Colombian descent, began her criminal activities at some point before 1992, when she met Carl Johnson at the recommendation of her cousin, Cesar Vialpando, meeting at The Welcome Pump in Dillimore, with Catalina fending off two men with a knife. The two become romantically involved, with Catalina putting Johnson through an extreme form of BDSM before committing a robbery. The two begin to rob various 'soft targets' identified by Catalina, including a Gasso gas station in Dillimore, a bank in Palomino Creek, an Inside Track betting shop in Montgomery and a small liquor store in Blueberry.

Their relationship, however, becomes strained over Johnson's desire for money to help try and free his brother Sweet, who was incarcerated by the Los Santos Police Department. After the two separate, she begins a relationship with Claude and 'helps' him in two races involving Carl and Wu Zi Mu. Johnson, who wins both races, wins a garage in Doherty, San Fierro from Claude, who leaves with Catalina on a nine year journey to Liberty City. Catalina, however, continues to phone Carl and tease him about her relationship with Claude. Carl was left unimpressed by this and bluntly responded that she needed to get psychological help.

1992 to 2001

Catalina and Claude, after leaving San Andreas, begin a nine year journey to Liberty City, going through many American states committing bank robberies, including Texas and New Mexico. The two, at some point, return to San Andreas and purchase airline tickets to Francis International Airport, which were discovered in Catalina's apartment in "Los Santos or San Fierro". The two, however, continue on their journey to Liberty City, reaching their destination in October 2001.

Final year

Catalina betraying Claude during the introductory cutscenes of Grand Theft Auto III.

After arriving in Liberty City, Catalina begins discussions with and becomes the leader of the Colombian Cartel and, with some of their members (including Miguel) rob a bank in the city. After robbing the bank she shoots Claude, leaving him for dead, and explaining that he is 'small time'. She continues her criminal activities with the Cartel, increasing the production of SPANK and attacking the Yakuza on Staunton Island and the Leone Family on Portland. During this period, Claude managed to escape from an LCPD convoy with, ironically, help from the Colombian Cartel (who were seeking to capture the Old Oriental Gentleman) and began working for Leone made man Luigi Goterelli. After proving himself, Claude begins to work for the Family Don, Salvatore Leone, who has him follow Luigi's Sex Club 7 barman Curly Bob to Portland Harbor, where he is seen to sell Leone secrets to Catalina and Miguel. Salvatore then has Claude and 8-Ball destroy a freighter used by the Cartel to produce SPANK.

Claude later flees to Staunton Island and begins to work for Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen who begins to attack the Cartel following the death of her brother Kenji at the hands of a 'Cartel assassin', which was really Claude working on orders from Donald Love. Love later sends Claude to collect a package from a construction site in Fort Staunton, where he once again meets Catalina and Miguel, with Catalina shooting Miguel in the back and escaping with the package. Asuka, desperate to exact revenge for her brother's death, begins to torture Miguel for information, with Claude then using the information to attack Cartel interests, including destroying stands selling SPANK run by the Uptown Yardies.

Catalina, however, strikes back and kills both Asuka and Miguel, and kidnaps Maria Latore, using her as a hostage and demanding a $500,000 ransom be brought to the Cartel headquarters in Cedar Grove. Claude decides to take the ransom money to Catalina and manages to escape an ambush, set up by Catalina, who escapes in a helicopter and keeps Latore hostage. Claude follows Catalina to Cochrane Dam, where he destroys the helicopter with a rocket launcher, killing Catalina and severely weakening the Cartel.


Catalina is portrayed as a misandric, reckless and extremely aggressive psychopath who turns on even close partners if they cease to be useful to her (as seen with Carl Johnson, Claude and Miguel). Much more of Catalina's psyche is brought to light during her conversations with Carl Johnson, frequently shooting bystanders during heists and referencing cannibalism. She also suffers from a persecution complex, possibly due to cruel treatment by her stepfather as a child, telling Johnson that "They had to die because YOU were slow and stupid, like a big fat brat that eats chocolates while his father gives nothing to his step daughter but stale bread!" She is supposedly based on Caterina Sforza, an Italian noblewoman who lived during the Renaissance.

Murders committed

  • Unnamed Accomplice (killed during bank robbery so she and Miguel could escape with the money)
  • Miguel (killed for telling Cartel secrets to Asuka)
  • Asuka Kasen (killed to kidnap Maria and for disrupting Cartel activities)

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • Catalina is the only female antagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • If you do not count Maria's uncertain death, Catalina's death is the final death in the GTA III-era timeline.
  • Catalina's top is noticeably different from the original GTA III PS2 release than the later GTA III releases. In the PC version she has a lock of hair on her forehead and a ponytail. In the Xbox version she is also wearing a pink tube top.
  • Her surname is never revealed, although being Cesar Vialpando's cousin, there is nothing to suggest her last name is Vialpando.
  • She is the only main antagonist in the 3D Universe to appear in more than one game.
  • Catalina is the antagonist that has committed the most murders in the Grand Theft Auto series.