82nd Floor Observatory

The 82nd Floor Observatory in GTA IV

The 82nd Floor Observatory is an observatory deck in the 82nd floor of Rotterdam Tower.


This observatory offers fantastic views of the city. There are multiple binoculars to view the city, and ladders on the east and western faces to descend to setbacks slightly below the observatory. The absence of railings on the observatory makes it a hot-spot for suicide jumpers; one helitour pilot mentions that his brother attempted to BASE jump from the 82nd floor, but was stopped by security guards who "were tubby, but they sure could move!" These security guards seem to be absent from the observatory, however.

In The Ballad Of Gay Tony, multiple changes have been made to the observatory. There are numerous signs directing the locations of exits. There is a large neon sign, facing north which displays "Rotterdam Tower: Top of the World", which is easily viewable from Star Junction. The addition of a stairwell on the south-western corner of the observatory allows for players to climb up to the base of the Rotterdam Tower's spire. The stairwell has been complemented by the removal of the four satellite dishes and water towers around the spire's base. Finally, the addition of two ladders on the spire allow players to climb up to the top of the 102nd floor interior observation deck, and the top of the antenna respectively, allowing for the highest Base Jump from a building in game. A parachute is located on the top of the first ladder. There has also been the removal of the two ladders on the eastern and western faces of the building, which in GTA IV allowed players to descend to the immediate setback below. These changes are also in place in The Lost and Damned, and the player can climb the ladders to the top of the spire; however, the parachute does not spawn.

Despite the height of the building, the observatory is useless for sniping, as pedestrians and vehicles will not spawn on the ground while the player is at that height. The observatory is safe from police, as officers cannot utilize the building entrance; there are no other vectors of escape, however, so the Tower is an inadvisable destination if it lies within the Wanted search radius. However, in The Ballad of Gay Tony, one can use the observatory as an escape from the police (even to a six star wanted level), with the inclusion of a parachute on the mast which allows for a jump to safety.


  • The 82nd Floor Observatory with Rotterdam Tower, is an excellent place for the player to obtain the "One Man Army" Achievement. To do this, the player must first load up on guns, ammunition and obtain full armour. To do this, the player has to gain a six star wanted level on ground level by destroying vehicles and killing police officers and pedestrians. Once they gain the six star wanted level, go to the Rotterdam Tower's 82nd floor observatory. Alternatively, the player can go to the 82nd floor observatory and obtain a six star wanted level there by typing in the "Gain One Star Wanted Level" cheat six times. The police cannot access the player while they are up there, however, the Police Mavericks and the Annihilators can. If they come for you, just shoot them down, either with a Rocket Launcher or by sniping them down with the Sniper Rifle or Combat Sniper rifle. Keep this up for five minutes and the player should gain the achievement.
  • In GTA IV there is a continuity error if you use the binoculars and look towards Alderney before the state is unlocked. The animation shows vehicle lights crossing the Hickey Bridge, even though it shouldn't be open to traffic yet.

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