Bail Bonds - Larry Tupper

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Bail Bonds -
Larry Tupper
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Maude Eccles
Objective Locate and return Larry Tupper to Maude Eccles.
Target Larry Tupper
Location Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County
Reward $10,000 (if returned alive)
$5,000 (if killed)
Unlocks Bail Bonds - Glenn Scoville
Unlocked by Bail Bonds - Ralph Ostrowski
Achievements Wanted: Alive Or Alive (if the player had killed Ralph Ostrowski and spare Tupper)
Deaths Larry Tupper (optional)

Bail Bonds - Larry Tupper is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Maude Eccles.


Trevor Philips begins searching for methamphetamine dealer Larry Tupper for bail bonds woman Maude Eccles, who had bailed him out on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. Trevor locates him hiding out at a small barn in the Grand Senora Desert. The player, as Trevor, must then decide whether to kill or apprehend Tupper and must also deal with his three armed friends. If Trevor apprehends Tupper, he then drives him back to Maude's trailer. On the way, Tupper will explain his past connections to Trevor and his current legal problems. He also questions how Trevor has time to apprehend him after hearing he had killed The Lost Brotherhood gangster Johnny Klebitz and Los Varrios Aztecas gangster Ortega.


The monetary reward for completing the mission depends on if the player kills ($5,000) or apprehends ($10,000) Tupper. The player will also be awarded the Wanted: Alive or Alive achievement/trophy if they apprehend Tupper and had killed Ralph Ostrowski.

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