Los Varrios Aztecas

Los Varrios Aztecas
Games: GTA V
GTA Online
Locations: Blaine County, San Andreas
Northern Rancho, Los Santos, West Vinewood, Los Santos
Type: Street gang
Enemies: Los Santos Vagos
Marabunta Grande
Guzmán Cartel
The Lost Brotherhood
Trevor Philips Industries
Affiliations: Trevor Philips (until 2013)
Colors: Light blue
Vehicles: Emperor
Weapons: Knife
Micro SMG
Businesses: Drug smuggling
Weapons smuggling
Members: Ortega

The Los Varrios Aztecas, also referred to as the Varrios Los Aztecas, is a Hispanic street gang operating in around the Alamo Sea in Blaine County, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The gang also has territory in northern Rancho and in West Vinewood, Los Santos. The gang is involved in drug and weapons smuggling. They had previously been based in Los Santos but were forced out after a gang war with the Los Santos Vagos, and also have rivalries with El Salvadorean street gang the Marabunta Grande, The Lost Brotherhood biker gang and Trevor Philips Industries, led by Trevor Philips.

Events of the HD Universe

Trevor Philips, in an attempt to take control of the drugs and weapons smuggling in Blaine County, destroys a trailer owned by Ortega and has the opportunity to kill him. The Aztecas, with or without Ortega, later attempt to destroy Trevor's methamphetamine laboratory but are repelled by Trevor and his accomplice Chef. The Aztecas also appear in the arms trafficking side mission attempting to steal the weapons from Trevor Philips and a gang member also appears in Los Santos, robbing a woman at an ATM in West Vinewood.

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  • The Los Varrios Aztecas differ from their 3D Universe equivalent in their stance on narcotics as in GTA V they are shown to be involved in drug smuggling.

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