Ralph Ostrowski

Ralph Ostrowski
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Ralph Ostrowski
Aliases Roland (by Trevor)


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1965
Age Now 59
Nationality American
Home Blaine County
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
Main Affiliations Maude Eccles
Vehicles Landstalker
Voiced by Not credited

Ralph Ostrowski is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. His voice actor is not credited.

Character history

Ralph Ostrowski is, in 2013, a criminal hiding in the Davis Quartz quarry while out on bond and attempting to evade capture from Maude Eccles, his bail bonds woman. He had evaded capture, being described by Maude as a 'slippery character'. He is going to be put on trial for 'check fraud, money laundering, worker's compensation fraud', which could land him five years in prison. He explains to Trevor that he 'create(s) a shell company, take out a minimal workers' comp insurance policy, then charge subcontractors a fee to use that company as a dummy paper trail for their undocumented workers. I'm just the middle man really...'. Ostrowski worked with a mining contractor who allowed him to stay at the Davis Quartz quarry sleeping in a bulldozer for weeks and hiding his 'waste with sand like a dog'. Trevor, working for Maude, can either kill or apprehend Ostrowski at the quarry, although he attempts to escape in a Landstalker, before returning him to Maude if apprehended.

Mission appearance



  • Ralph Ostrowski can be killed during the mission.
  • Ralph Ostrowski appears in the gameplay trailer for GTA V being thrown into Maude's trailer.