Bail Bonds - Ralph Ostrowski

Bail Bonds -
Ralph Ostrowski
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Maude Eccles
Objective Locate and return Ralph Ostrowski to Maude Eccles.
Target Ralph Ostrowski
Location Davis Quartz, Blaine County
Reward $10,000 (if returned alive)
$5,000 (if killed)
Unlocks Bail Bonds - Larry Tupper
Unlocked by Special Bonds
Achievements Wanted: Alive Or Alive (if Ostrowski is spared)

Bail Bonds - Ralph Ostrowski is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Maude Eccles.


Trevor Philips, after being asked by Maude Eccles (his bail bonds woman) for help in apprehending Ralph Ostrowski, locates him at the Davis Quartz quarry. Trevor can then kill Ostrowski, which will result $5,000 reward or apprehend Ostrowski and return him to Maude, which results in a $10,000 reward, although he will attempt to escape in a Landstalker. Ostrowski, if spared, will explain his criminal activities on the journey back to Maude's trailer claiming to simply be a middle man and that he had been sleeping in a bulldozer for weeks.


  • If the player successfully returns Ralph to Maude's trailer, they will be awarded the Wanted: Alive or Alive achievement/trophy.

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