Ballas to the Wall

Ballas to the Wall
Game GTA Online
Protagonist GTA Online's protagonist
For Lamar Davis
Target Purple Schafter
Fail The Schafter is destroyed
The player/team runs out of team lives
Reward 15 JP
1,330 RP
Unlocks Chasers
Unlocked by Reaching Rank 5

Ballas to the Wall is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the protagonist by Lamar Davis. The player must have reached rank three to unlock the mission, which can be played by one or two players.


The protagonist(s), working for Lamar Davis, heads to Carson Ave and repossesses a Ballas coloured Schafter. After shooting various Ballas gang members who attempt to stop the car being repossed, the protagonist(s) then returns the car to Premium Deluxe Motorsport where they meet Simeon Yetarian who thanks them.

Mission prompt

Lamar Davis: This dude I do some work for over at Premium Deluxe Motorsport needs a car repoed. I said you was new and in need of gainful, so thank me later for the hookup. It’s a mark over on Jamestown who missed the note on a purple Schafter. This Ballas turf, you know what I’m saying, so look out and don’t mention LD. Peace.


(The protagonist(s) repossess the Schafter and return it to Simeon)

Simeon Yetarian: Interesting! Interesting! Well done.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,000.


Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
Hard difficulty with two players