Carson Ave

Carson Ave is a street in Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The avenue runs from Chamberlain Hills in the west to Rancho in the east, running through Davis and Strawberry. There are connections to Brouge Ave, Davis Ave, Dutch London St, Forum Dr, Innocence Blvd, Jamestown St, Little Bighorn Ave, Roy Lowenstein Blvd and Strawberry Ave. The avenue runs through three gang controlled areas: the Los Santos Vagos in Rancho, the Ballas in Davis and The Families in Strawberry. A preacher can also be found along the avenue.

Events of HD Universe

An unnamed person repossesses a purple Schafter from a Ballas gangster on Carson Ave before returning it to Simeon Yetarian at Premium Deluxe Motorsport. The same person later repossesses a pink Zion from a beauty salon on Carson Ave. The 'track' on the first illegal street race of GTA V takes Franklin Clinton, Hao and the other racers on the avenue.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
B.J. Smith Recreation Center and Park Chamberlain Hills Recreation center
Cabinets & Carpets Rancho Roy Lowenstein Blvd Furniture
Carson Salon Supplies & Hair Color Center Davis Beauty salon
Carson Self Storage Davis Davis Ave Storage
Cart-L Farmacia Chamberlain Hills Innocence Blvd Pharmacy
Casa Cristina Chamberlain Hills Forum Dr Residential
Cent Carpet Davis/Rancho Furniture
Chantelle's Beauty Salon Rancho Beauty salon
Chringo's Carpets Davis Furniture
Cluckin' Bell Chamberlain Hills Innocence Blvd Food and drink
Cosas $1 & Up Baratas Davis Discount store
Davis Electricals Rancho Electronics
Davis Mega Mall Davis Davis Ave Shopping mall
Davis Station Davis Metro station
Discount Depot Davis Clothing
Discount Jewels Davis Jewellers
East Side Wigs Davis Hair
Family Pharmacy Davis Pharmacy
Furniture Davis Furniture
Groceries Strawberry Davis Ave Supermarket
Happy Shark Bail Bonds Chamberlain Hills/Strawberry Innocence Blvd Bail bonds
Hayes Auto ABody Shop Rancho Roy Lowenstein Blvd Garage
Herr Kutz Barber Davis Barber
Laundromat Rancho Laundromat
Licensed Sex Shop Davis Adult
Locksmith Davis Locksmith
The Molarstation Dentistry Rancho Healthcare
Mom's Tacos Rancho Little Bighorn Ave/Jamestown St Food and drink
Mosley Auto Service Strawberry Strawberry Ave/Davis Ave Garage
Nails Davis Nail salon
Ronnie's Luxury Car Wash Davis Brouge Ave Car wash
Ruedas De Fuego Davis Automobile supplies
Save-a-¢ent Davis Brouge Ave Discount store
Snapper's Delight Chamberlain Hills Innocence Blvd Photography
South LS Liquor Rancho Dutch London St Food and drink
The Taco Farmer Strawberry Strawberry Ave Food and drink
The Tahitian Strawberry Strawberry Ave Residential
Video Alcove Chamberlain Hills Innocence Blvd Entertainment
Wok It Off Chamberlain Hills Innocence Blvd Food and drink
Yum Fish Davis/Strawberry Food and drink


  • Sprunk vending machine (at Ronnie’s Luxury Car Wash)