Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis
Appearances GTA V
GTA Online
Full Name Lamar Davis
Aliases LD


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Los Santos
Nationality American
Home Forum Dr in Strawberry, Los Santos
Family Chop (pet dog)
Main Affiliations Franklin Clinton
Tavell Clinton
Gerald G. (until 2013)
Andre Barnes
Jamal Reynolds
Demarcus Bradley
JB Bradshaw
Tonya Wiggins
Darryl Knox
Tanisha Jackson
Simeon Yetarian (former employer)
Sacha Yetarian (former co-worker)
Lil Rhino
Denise Clinton
GTA Online's Protagonist (2013)
Trevor Philips (from 2013)
Michael De Santa (from 2013)
Devin Weston (former, 2013)
The Families
Vehicles Blue Emperor
White Speedo
Businesses Drug dealing
Vehicle repossession (2013)
Occupation Gang member
Voiced by Slink Johnson

Lamar Davis is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V and a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is voiced by Slink Johnson.

Character history

Lamar Davis grew up in Strawberry, Los Santos with Franklin Clinton and is proud of his apache blood. At an unknown time, Lamar joins The Families gang with Franklin and the two begin working with Stretch until his incarceration although they keep in contact through Lifeinvader allowing Lamar to make frequent references to sex in prison. Lamar later becomes involved in drug dealing and gang activity, presumably against the Ballas who begin to exert a larger influence in Los Santos. At some point he met with JB Bradshaw in a threesome with the two "crossing swords". By 2013 Lamar and Franklin begin working for Simeon Yetarian, the owner of the Premium Deluxe Motorsport auto dealership in Pillbox Hill and acquired a pet Rottweiler named Chop who he at one point gets stoned. He at some point becomes friends with Hao, who in late 2013 is surprised to see Franklin looking unharmed due to his usual involvement in Lamar's antics, and Leon, the manager of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, who states that Lamar not going to the club resulted in his 'girls' being 'happy and disease free'. He also becomes involved in a series of failed gang related activity, usually being rescued by Franklin.

In 2013, Lamar picked up an unnamed accomplice from Los Santos International Airport having been in contact with them through Lifeinvader. The two initially race against each other and, after losing, Lamar takes his accomplice to associate Gerald G. to ambush a drug deal involving the Ballas. The accomplice continues to work for Lamar while working for Gerald. He initially tasks them with repossessing a purple Schafter from a Ballas gangster on Carson Ave for Simeon's dealership. He then has them steal a gas tanker from an LTD filling station, steal a Packer carrying a tanker full of chemicals, steal a tanker attached to a Phantom, rescue Leroy from the Ballas, kill a number of The Lost Brotherhood gangsters and steal a tanker attached to a Hauler containing Redwood Cigarettes from the Los Santos Vagos.

Later in the year, continuing to work for Simeon, he and Franklin go to Vespucci Beach where they briefly meet Michael De Santa who gives them instructions on how to get to the Bertolt Beach House. The two, after locating the house, repossess a 9F and a Rapid GT before racing through the city back to Simeon's dealership with Franklin winning the race. Simeon then asks the two to repossess a green modified Bagger owned by Los Santos Vagos gangster Esteban Jimenez, which they successfully do despite a number of gangsters attempting to stop them. Lamar decides to keep the motorcycle for himself, later giving it to Franklin, putting pressure on Franklin to later repossess a yellow BeeJay XL owned by Jimmy De Santa by breaking into the De Santa house. Franklin, however, is ambushed by Michael who had hidden on the back seat and is forced to drive into the dealerships showroom.

An angry Simeon then fires both Franklin and Lamar. Lamar later ropes in Franklin and uses Chop to kidnap Ballas gangster D before phoning to demand a ransom for D. Franklin, however, throws Lamar's phone away before revealing that they would be able to trace their location. D is released and the trio return to Lamar's house on Forum Dr. Lamar, realising his mistake, asks Franklin to look after Chop who moves in with Franklin at his house three houses down the road. Lamar and Franklin later team up with Stretch, who had been released from Bolingbroke Penitentiary, in an unsuccessful drug deal with the Ballas at a recycling center. Stretch had intended to have the Ballas, with whom he had become affiliated, but when the police turn up, Stretch abandons his plan and kills D, the dealer they were to buy drugs from, before escaping the recycling center through a number of Ballas gangsters and later evading the police.

With Franklin away working with Michael, Lamar begins spending more time with his aunt Denise, with Lamar having informed Franklin on Lifeinvader of his intentions to have sex with her. Franklin, upon returning to the house, is confronted by both Lamar and his aunt about his lack of gang activity, which Franklin can not believe. Trevor Philips, one of Franklin's associates, appears and the three, with Chop, leave to purchase drugs from a Ballas dealer on Grove St. The deal, however, was another ambush from Stretch with the trio buying a dry wall brick hidden under a thin layer of cocaine. After realising this, the trio are able to avoid being killed in the Ballas ambush and escape on Seasharks in the Los Santos River while Chop runs back to Forum Dr.

Lamar is later told by Trevor Philips that Franklin is stealing high-end cars for multi-millionaire businessman Devin Weston and tracks him to the Hayes Autos garage on Little Bighorn Ave using his GPS. Devin notices the tension between the two and suggests that Lamar is the 'spirit' and Franklin the 'brains' of their two man operation. Franklin leaves with Devin and Lamar discussing the possibility of working together. Lamar later steals a Monroe for Devin and, with Devin's collection complete, works with Trevor and Franklin to transport them just north of Paleto Bay, which they successfully manage despite the police chasing them. The trio arrive at their destination and Franklin is told that their payment has been reinvested and will only be paid to them once the police interest has died down.

Before returning to Los Santos, Lamar scouts the Paleto Forest Sawmill for an upcoming drug deal set up by Stretch. Lamar later returns to buy the drugs from the Ballas, who had established a weed farm in the area and paid off the local police. Lamar, having still not realised Stretch's true intentions, is ambushed and taken hostage by the Ballas. Tanisha Jackson later hears of these events and visits Franklin, telling him and encouraging Franklin to rescue Lamar. Franklin later gets Michael and Trevor to help him, with Lester Crest phoning the two to provide assistance, and the three manage to rescue Lamar. As Franklin and Lamar drive back to Los Santos, Franklin manages to explain to Lamar that Stretch had wanted the two of them dead from his release from Bolingbroke. Lamar eventually realises that Franklin is correct and decides to stay away from him, asking Franklin for money but is disappointed to only receive $50. Franklin, however, convinces Lamar to remain quiet and that he will find work for him soon.

Lamar's involvement in GTA V's ending depends on the players choice. If the player decides to kill Michael, after killing Michael Franklin phones Lamar but only gets Lamar's voicemail. If Franklin decides to spare Michael and Trevor, Lamar helps the trio at the foundry by looking out for both FIB agents and Merryweather Security Consulting mercenaries before helping in killing them despite the obvious likelihood of the group dying. After killing the attacking agents and mercenaries, Lamar leaves with Michael offering to kill Stretch for setting up Franklin and Lamar. Lamar later phones Franklin to ask if everything is finished but is told that he needs to tie up some loose ends (by killing Wei Cheng, one of Trevor's enemies) before revealing his intentions to kill Devin Weston, which he, Michael and Trevor later do.

Mission appearances

GTA Online


  • Lamar's character is similar to Ryder from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Both chastise their best friend for straying from their gang-banging roots; and both are hotheaded, tending to shoot first and ask questions second; however, unlike Ryder, Lamar remains loyal to Franklin.
  • In "Repossession", Lamar claims that he is part Apache.
  • During cutscenes, Lamar is noticeably taller than Franklin, however, during gameplay the two are shown to be the same height. Franklin, during the mission Lamar Down, can call Lamar the "tall dude" while looking to rescue him.
  • If the player visits the in-game website PsychicShoutout as Franklin, Ms Tammy suggests that Lamar has had sex on Franklin's bed, much to Franklin's disbelief and disgust. This implies that Lamar carried out or is carrying out a relationship with Denise Clinton, whom he has a crush for.
  • Lamar can hang out with both Franklin and Trevor.
  • The licence plate on Lamar's Speedo, seen in the mission Chop, is "LAMAR G".