Appearances GTA 1
Full Name Bubba


Gender Gender::Male

Bubba is a character in the 2D Universe who is a protagonist option in Grand Theft Auto 1. Bubba is a bully who will have to go through the three cities, Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City doing work for different bosses.


Grand Theft Auto

Liberty City, 1997

Relationship with Bubby

Bubby is the first boss Bubba can have in the game. Bubby actually was born with the name of Robert Michael Peter Luke French Darth Bruno Seragliano. He is the most important member of the Vercotti Gang, a family of crime that is in Liberty City. His father was killed by the Secret Service of Britana and Bubby wants to avenge the death of his father. In Liberty City, Bubba (protagonist of the game) will start doing small crime jobs like stealing cars, etc. When in an enviable position in the crime family you can do work for Bubby and so go to San Andreas to work with secret agents.

San Andreas, 1997

Relationship with El Burro

El Burro is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto III and can be the boss of the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto. He lives in San Andreas and is not the leader of any gang in Grand Theft Auto but he can give many missions to Bubba. He is one of the bosses that the protagonist can have on San Andreas like Uncle Fu.

Relationship with Uncle Fu

Uncle Fu is a Chinese criminal, leader of the Triads and lives in San Andreas. As leader of the Triads of San Andreas, he could give Bubba jobs to be the king of the city. Uncle Fu has no specified date of birth and there are rumors that he is 130 years, also suspected, that he does witchcraft and black arts. He is one of the bosses of San Andreas that the protagonist of the game can have.

Vice City, 1997

Relationship with Samuel Deever

Samuel Deever is a corrupt cop who can give jobs to the protagonist of the game in addition to being a cannibal. He is from Vice City. Samuel Deever will give some missions to the protagonist, he is from the DEA and will be able to do work. Samuel Deever is one of the bosses of Vice City .

Relationship with Brother Marcus

Brother Marcus is one of the bosses that the protagonist can have in Vice City just like Samuel Deever. Brother Marcus is the leader of the gang Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love. When Bubba finishes with all the missions he will be able to cross the cities freely, the cars will be different, as will the cities. Bubba can be the king of the city and have all the power.


  • Bubba is an obese, tough looking character and is seen with a cigar in his mouth.