Robert Seragliano

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Robert Michael Peter Luke Frances Darth Bruno Seragliano
Appearances GTA 1
Full Name Robert Michael Peter Luke Frances Darth Bruno Seragliano
Aliases Bubby


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth June 26, 1970
Age Now 54
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Skye (wife)
Main Affiliations Vercotti Gang
Occupation Gang leader

Robert Michael Peter Luke Frances Darth Bruno Seragliano (born June 26, 1970), commonly known as Bubby, is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto 1.

Character history

Bubby is the suspected leader of the Vercotti Gang and is hoping to gain revenge for his father, who was reportedly killed by the British secret service. Bubby, during the events of GTA 1, is being investigated for armed robbery, murder, manslaughter, pimping, extortion, bribery, possession of illegal narcotics, unlawful carnal knowledge, smoking in a no-smoking zone, double parking, treason, adultery, covetousness, idolatry and willful Joe Pesci impersonations.

Bubby is the primary boss of the main character in the Liberty City section of GTA 1, which includes the chapters Gangsta Bang and Heist Almighty. While not an active participant in the storyline, his subordinates give missions to the protagonist, most of which involve action against Bubby's main rival, Don "Bald Man" Sonetti. Ultimately, he orders the protagonist to kill Sonetti and his top lieutenants, which the protagonist does by destroying Sonetti's safehouse, killing him and likely completely wiping out Sonetti's gang in the process. Bubby then calls the protagonist to a meeting, where he informs them that the police heat is too high in Liberty City, and that Bubby has booked them a flight to San Andreas.

Mission appearances