El Burro (GTA 1)

El Burro
Appearances GTA 1
Full Name El Burro
Aliases The Donkey
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 1997
Nationality Mexican
Home Aye Valley, San Andreas
Main Affiliations Alfonso (employee)
Jorge (employee)
Julio (employee)
Monolito (employee)
Paco (employee)
Paulo (employee)
Pedro (employee)
Pepe (employee)
Ricardo (employee)
Rodrigo (employee)
Vehicles Love Wagon

El Burro is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto 1.

Character history

El Burro is, in 1997, a criminal based out of Aye Valley, San Andreas who is involved in a gang war with Uncle Fu and his nephew No Chin, the Yakuza and Paco and his gang. The feud with Uncle Fu is only heightened in 1997 when No Chin plants a bomb in El Burro's Love Wagon, which is defused by the protagonist. El Burro later hires the protagonist to destroy a number of buses before driving to four of El Burro's contacts to pay them for their information.

El Burro then has the protagonist use Alve and his gang to lure out Paco and his gang in order to kill them and then to steal a tanker, which causes Alfonso, Jorge, Jose, Pedro, Pepe and Rodrigo to begin acting strangely. El Burro then has the protagonist kill each of them. El Burro then has the protagonist kill Mike Tallon, destroy two Yakuza owned limousines and steal a third after they stole some of El Burro's stuff, and to destroy a rival drug laboratory. After completing these tasks El Burro promises to reward the protagonist 'personally this time!'


  • In a secret mission the protagonist has the opportunity to kill El Burro while he is visiting Vice City, although there is no requirement
  • El Burro is a homosexual man who, after completing his various missions, will say "Hey pretty boy! You done real good for me, no? Now is time to find out why they call me 'The Donkey' eh? Haha! I'm going to reward you personally this time!" even if the player had chosen a female protagonist (Divine, Katie, Mikki or Ulrika).

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