Carbine Rifles (mission)

Carbine Rifles
Game GTA V
Objective Intercept a LSPD Tactical Squad truck
Target Carbine Rifles
Fail The truck reaches the Mission Row police station
The truck is destroyed or abandoned
Unlocks The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach)
Unlocked by Casing the Jewel Store

Carbine Rifles is a heist setup mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is only available if the player selects the Loud Approach for The Jewel Store Job.


Michael De Santa receives a text message from Lester Crest about an LSPD Tactical Squad truck heading for Palomino Avenue. When Michael intercepts the truck, the tactical officers retaliate. After killing the tactical officers and evading the police backup, Michael takes the truck to the garment factory. Once there, Lester tells Michael that they are ready to pull the heist.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Swift Getaway Lose the Wanted Level within 2 minutes.

Video walkthrough

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