Los Santos Police Department
Games: GTA V
GTA Online
Locations: Davis Police Station
Del Perro Police Station
La Mesa Police Station
Mission Row Police Station
Rockford Hills Police Station
Vespucci Police Station
Vespucci Beach Police Station
Vinewood Police Station
Type: Police force
Affiliations: Los Santos County Sheriff
Vehicles: Police Bike
Police Buffalo
Police Cruiser
Police Maverick
Police Predator
Police Riot
Police Transporter
Unmarked Cruiser
Weapons: Pistol
Pump Action Shotgun
Carbine Rifle
Micro SMG (officers in the Predator)
Members: Officer Jernigan
Officer Jones
Captain Poro
Officer Ronson
Albert Stalley
Officer Vasquez
Lee Whitless

The Los Santos Police Department, abbreviated to LSPD, is the police force in the cities of Davis and Los Santos, San Andreas. The force appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online working alongside the Los Santos County Sheriff, NOOSE, the FIB, the IAA, and the military. The motto of the force is "Obey & Survive". The LSPD is based on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

History and criticism

The LSPD was founded in 1889, over one hundred years after Los Santos was founded. As of 2013, the police officers are poorly trained, receiving only two weeks training according to Dave Norton, and use brutal methods to maintain law and order. Even their motto, "Obey & Survive", suggests their lack of training. They are known for shooting unarmed pedestrians, those resisting arrest, and innocent animals. The LSPD are also accused of being racist. However, they are creating minority quotas and do not harass Franklin Clinton more than Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips. They are also accused of having oral sex with prostitutes.

Police presence

The LSPD are rarely seen across the city and will generally only appear when chasing a criminal. They are, however, found in certain areas: outside police stations, walking along Adam's Apple Blvd near the Mission Row Police Station, at Los Santos International Airport and along the highways looking for speeders. They can also be called by ringing 911.

Police chases and shootouts

When police are chasing criminals, the player can avoid obtaining a wanted level by pulling over. If, however, the player obtains a wanted level (usually by driving into the police vehicle or discharging a weapon), the police vehicle will continue to chase the criminal with another vehicle sent to chase the player. The player can also use the LSPD to help them while being attacked as the police will shoot the attacker. During a shootout with the police, if an officer or pedestrian is shot another officer may risk their own life to pull them to safety behind a wall or vehicle. When chasing the player, if a police officer does not have a police vehicle they will commandeer a civilian vehicle to give chase.

Uniform and equipment

LSPD officers wear navy blue uniforms, both shirts and trousers along with a black belt, which contains a radio, handcuffs and ammunition cases. Some officers can also be seen wearing Kevlar body armor, a hat and sunglasses. LSPD officers carry either a pistol or a Pump Action Shotgun, with officers more likely to carry the shotgun when the wanted level is 3 stars or higher. Carbine Rifles and Micro SMGs are also used by the police, the latter only by those in the Police Predator.

The LSPD have a number of vehicles used to apprehend criminals. The Police Buffalo (in the Downtown area) and Police Cruiser are used to patrol the city and to apprehend low level criminals with Predators patrolling the Pacific Ocean surrounding the city. Police Bikes may also be used in chases but are usually only found parked near police stations. For apprehending those with higher wanted levels, they will deploy Police Transporters and Unmarked Cruisers while the Police Maverick provides aerial support although they are usually controlled by NOOSE agents. Transporters are usually seen in road blocks and will deploy spike strips. At four and five stars, the police will also deploy Police Riots in roadblocks although due to their slow speed will rarely be used to chase the player.

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