City Scrap

An areal view of the City Scrap junkyard in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

City Scrap, also known as the Junk Yard, Vice City Junkyard and Little Haiti Junkyard is a junkyard in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is located in Little Haiti, Vice City, just a short walk away from the Little Haiti Well Stacked Pizza Co. resturant, Funeraria Romero, Carnicero Romero, and the Haitian Drugs Factory. A Trashmaster spawns inside the junkyard. Several garbage skips and cranes can be found inside the junkyard, although they cannot be operated, destroyed, and/or driven. There is also a large hangar and two conveyor belts in the junkyard although the conveyor belt is non-interactive.

A Stubby Shotgun can be found behind the hangar.

Role in Missions

In the mission Death Row, Tommy Vercetti, after recieving information from Kent Paul, goes to the City Scrap junkyard to rescue Lance Vance, who is being tortured to death by members of the Diaz' Gang after he prematurely attempted to kill Ricardo Diaz to avenge the death of his brother Victor Vance. Tommy shoots through a large number of Diaz' Gang members and enters the hangar in which Lance is held in. Tommy angrily states that his "careful planning has been blown to shit" thanks to Lance. He then tells Lance that "he screwed up real good". After a short conversation, Tommy takes Lance to the Schuman Health Care Center in Downtown to recover from his injuries while avoiding attacks from Diaz' Gang members in Comets.

In the mission Juju Scramble, Tommy returns to the junkyard to retrieve a suitcase of Auntie Poulet's Juju powder, which was stored in the junkyard.


  • The junkyard is the only junkyard in the GTA III Era that does not have a usable car crusher.
  • For some reason, the police radio chatter will refer to the Junk Yard as being part of northeast Escobar International despite the Junk Yard actually being located in west Little Haiti. This is due to the Junk Yard being at the northeast corner of Escobar International's rectangular boundary.