Diaz' Gang

Diaz' Gang
Games: GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
Locations: Diaz' Mansion, Starfish Island
Leader: Ricardo Diaz
Type: Drug Cartel
Enemies: Haitians
Gonzalez' Crew
Affiliations: Cubans
Gonzalez' Crew
Vehicles: Admiral
Weapons: Pistol
Uzi (missions only)
MP5A3 (during the Introduction
Ruger (during Death Row)
Colt M733 (during the Introduction)
M60 (during the Introduction)
Businesses: Drugs trade
Fronts: Diaz' Mansion
Members: Beau Nurr

Drug baron Ricardo Diaz' unnamed drug cartel (referred to in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as "Diaz's gang"[1]) was a Vice City-based Colombian drug cartel, which erupted into large power circa 1984. They also act as his personal guard, shooting at anyone who attempts to harm him (as seen in the mission "Rub Out").

Prior to Tommy Vercetti's takeover of Vice City, the gang was the dominant drug cartel in Vice City, with Ricardo's aggressive interest in staying on top of the drug smuggling business a defining factor. He is seen requesting the theft of the fastest speed boat in the city for smuggling activities, and killing those who attempt to cut into his profits, even though it only comprises a small proportion. In addition, members of the Diaz' gang is believed to have botched Tommy's initial drug deal with the Vance brothers (consisting of Lance Vance and Victor Vance) forcing Tommy to leave behind (and lose) both the money and narcotics as he fled the scene.

Tommy Vercetti was given the opportunity to work for Ricardo, while Lance Vance infiltrated the gang under a different name. As Tommy continued to work for Ricardo and planned for a takeover of Ricardo's empire, Lance attempted the overthrow prematurely, failing to kill Ricardo and resulting in his capture and torture by the gang, before Tommy rushed to the rescue. This event forced the two to raid the Diaz Mansion and kill Ricardo before Ricardo kills the pair himself, killing many of Diaz' men on the way.

The killing of Ricardo effectively ended the Diaz Cartel as Ricardo's mansion and all of his assets were seized by the Vercetti's. No longer were any members of the Cartel seen in the city (apart from in Rampages and vigilante missions). After the death of Ricardo Diaz, the gang members may have left for Liberty City and joined/become the Colombian Cartel, as the gangs resemble each other.


Diaz' Gang members are commonly seen congregating and moving in groups in Starfish Island. Outside of the missions Rub Out and Death Row, they are not ordinarily hostile to Tommy (except if they seemingly encounter him after the two missions, usually either during a Rampage or by editing the pedgrp.dat to add Diaz' Gang members, known internally as "Cla" and "Clb", to any ped group), and will only attack in self-defense or if the "Riot" cheat or the "Pedestrians Hate You" cheat has been activated.

Diaz' Gang members patrolling Starfish Island may attack or be attacked by the Patrol Invest Group if they see each other. The two are frequently in conflict with each other, and gunfights between both parties are not uncommon; police act against both parties when gun battles occur. In addition, policemen will pursue and kill Diaz' Gang mobsters in the same manner as they do with other gang members and street criminals, allowing the player to attain "Good Citizen Bonuses" worth $50 each for each punch/kick/attack delivered to a fleeing mobster. The player must be careful though, as the mobster (or any nearby mobsters) may attack player with a pistol. Also, accidentally hitting the cop will give the player a one star wanted level, killing the cop will give the player two.

Ambush Men

Diaz' men that disrupted the drug deal between Tommy and the Vance brothers do not appear to be regular members of his gang, rather they could be mercenaries.

These men are dressed in black BDUs (battle dress uniforms) and black tuques. They all appear to be Caucasian and of medium athletic build. once of them has a mustache. They are perhaps inspired by the LAPD SWAT team in the Die Hard movie, who have similar uniforms.

One of them carriers a Colt pistol, another an MP5K (which is not an in-game weapon, though an MP5A3 is), and a third carries an M16A2 (also not available in-game weapon, while the Colt Model 733 incorrectly titled as the "M4" is) or M60 machine gun.


  1. The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game stat refers Diaz' Gang as "Diaz's gang," emphasis on the lower case "gang."