Carnicero Romero

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Carnicero Romero
Carnicero Romero's logo.

Carnicero Romero's logo.
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Butchers
Location(s) Little Haiti, Vice City

Carnicero Romero is a butcher store in Little Haiti, Vice City and appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The store sells poultry, beef and pork, along with human remains (with a brain, an arm and a human organ in the store's window).


  • Carnicero Romero is Spanish for "Rosemary Butcher", and could be a reference to the 1960s film 'Rosemary's Baby', a film about a woman who gives birth to a child destined to become the anti-Christ.
  • The "Romero" name could refer to the Romero hearse that appears in various GTA games, or to film director George Romero.
  • In the PS2 version of the game, within the glass, there is a picture of Hilary Briss. Briss is a character of the BBC's League of Gentlemen. Briss is commonly known as the "Demon Butcher", as his "Special Stuff" kills off most of the town's population.