Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown
Game The Lost and Damned
For Thomas Stubbs
Target Whistleblower
Location Alderney, Liberty City
Reward $1000

Communication Breakdown is one of the Stubbs' Dirty Laundry side missions in The Lost and Damned, given to Johnny Klebitz by Thomas Stubbs III.


Stubbs will inform Johnny that someone has sensitive information and is ready to go to the press. Quickly drive to the location of the informant and talk to him. He'll tell you he's going to the press and taking you down for a long time and will quickly drive away. Jump on your vehicle and shoot him through the window or blow up his car. Once he is dead, drive away and you will receive your payment and a call to Stubbs.


Stubbs needs you to take out someone who is going to talk to the press about sensitive information.

You'll have about a minute and a half to reach the destination, wherever he is, so quickly make your way there. Once you arrive, he'll tell you that you're going down for a long time and try to escape.

Simply speed after him and shoot him through the window or blow his car up. Once he's dead, you're done.


  • For a quick way to get rid of him, use your shotgun (3-6 shots should do the trick).
  • Try to use the zoom button when aiming (press the right stick in on consoles).