Thomas Stubbs

Thomas Stubbs III
Appearances The Lost and Damned
Full Name Thomas Stubbs III
Aliases Tom Stubbs
Congressman Stubbs
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1965
Age Now 59
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Arthur Stubbs (Uncle) (deceased)
Main Affiliations The Lost Brotherhood
Julio Ochoa
Voiced by John Lantz

Thomas "Tom" Stubbs III is a 42-year old congressman in The Lost and Damned in which he gives missions to protagonist Johnny Klebitz.

When first met in The Lost and Damned, he appears completely naked. In order to get some funds from his family, he orders Johnny Klebitz to kill his uncle, Arthur Stubbs who is the holder of the family funds. Johnny kills Arthur Stubbs at Francis International Airport in Dukes, thus giving Thomas Stubbs the funds.

Johnny later works for Stubbs to free several Alderney State Prisoners, and supporters of Stubbs. Johnny frees them before they are transferred to Alderney State Correctional Facility in south Alderney, and the prisoners escape to sea.

Johnny later does smaller jobs for Stubbs, such as helping a convicted CEO escape, taking blackmail photos of a politician, and bugging Bryce Dawkins' Infernus with surveillance equipment. He later gives Johnny the number to call and listen in on the car, and would be able to hear Bernie Crane discuss about his relationship with Dawkins, how he paid attention to Luis Fernando Lopez, protagonist of the The Ballad of Gay Tony, and later, would be able to hear Niko Bellic battle the LCPD.

Stubbs helps The Lost Brotherhood one last time, by informing Johnny of Billy Grey's treachery, and how Grey plans to sell out Klebitz and the rest of The Lost Brotherhood so he can be set free. With this information, the remnants of The Lost Brotherhood attack Alderney State Correctional Facility, and Klebitz personally kills Grey.

Thomas is currently facing allegations surrounding pork barrel spending. He has been criticized by the Liberty City media due to his attempts to get a major tsunami protection plan and an avalanche warning system for the city, which would be unnecessary as Liberty City is nowhere near a mountain and thus needs no avalanche protection, and a tsunami off the east coast of the United States is highly unlikely, thus rendering tsunami protection planning a waste of money.

Political Positions

Stubbs is moderate and presents himself as so, and his party affiliation is left somewhat ambiguous to make him an archetype of American congress as a whole. On his Twitter he states ambiguously moderate positions on energy/environmental policy and abortion ("Pro choice and in favor of life").

However, he hints on his Twitter that he's a Republican when he complains about "the leftist hippies controlling our country's media", refers to his appearance on Weazel News and states "Only prayer, clever government and tax breaks for big businesses can save our economy now". He rallied support for the Jingoism Act, spoke of his support for celibacy rings on two separate occasions, and supports a more secure and controlled border. However, his uncle Arthur Stubbs was described as "a passionate Democrat when it suited him".

He may be partially based on Amo Houghton, also a moderate New York Republican from an extremely wealthy background. Houghton, an heir of Corning Glass Works, is thought to be the wealthiest person to have ever served in congress.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned


  • Tom Stubbs wears his own shirts with initials "TS3" on front pocket and his initials "TS III" appears on his texts to Johnny.
  • He is a political rival of Michael Graves, and apparently insulted his ailing mother before publicly apologizing for it on Bleeter.
  • Stubbs, along with Alex Shrub and Donald Love, was nominated for Rockstar's Sleaziest Politicians.


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