Dining Out

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Dining Out
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For Jon Gravelli
Location Alderney
Reward $13250
Unlocks Liquidize the Assets, the next mission
Unlocked by Babysitting & Entourage


Niko Bellic is sent by Jon Gravelli to kill Kim Young-Guk, the counterfeiter who was escorted into the city by Niko and Derrick McReary in the mission Babysitting. Niko heads over to the restaurant where Kim is hiding out. After killing Kim's goons, Niko chases Kim out of the restaurant and kills him, much to Gravelli's pleasure.

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  • If you steal one of Kim's henchmans car, one of the goons will still come out of the sunroof and aim his gun even though you are driving.
  • It is possible to re-enter the restaurant if you use the "detonate-the-car" or "shoot from above" options to take out Kim. For some reason, however, if you called in Dwayne's backup, they will have vanished. Also, if you go downstairs you might see some pedestrians sitting at the bar drinking coffee, oblivious to the firefight (and lack of staff).