Liquidize the Assets

Liquidize the Assets
For Jon Gravelli
Location Alderney
Reward $14500
Unlocks (with Pest Control)
That Special Someone
Unlocked by Dining Out

Liquidize the Assets is the final mission given to Niko by Jon Gravelli in Grand Theft Auto IV

Warning: if the Jimmy Pegorino mission strand has been completed (Pest Control), then completing this mission will trigger the start of the endgame missions. If the player is trying for 100% completion, all optional side missions (car thefts, shooting pigeons, finding stunt jumps, assassinations, etc) should be completed before triggering this mission. This is also likely the last chance to go on friendship outings or dates, too (and raising friendship levels to 100%, if desired) during the storyline.


Jon Gravelli is not too fond of the Russians, and he asks Niko to destroy their loot at the compound in Alderney City. Niko heads over to the compound and destroys the cocaine vans. Once they are all destroyed, the Russian Mafia will yell that Niko has cost them a lot of money. Niko escapes the compound and receives a happy call from Gravelli saying that Niko has done well.

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