Jon Gravelli

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Jon Gravelli
Appearances GTA IV
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Jon Gravelli
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1923
Place of Birth Meadow Hills, Liberty City
Date of Death 2008
Age at Death 85
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Jon Gravelli, Jr. (son)
Sonny Cangelosi (uncle, deceased)
Main Affiliations Gambetti Family
The Commission
Jon Gravelli, Jr.
United Liberty Paper
Niko Bellic
Julio Ochoa
Vehicles Unknown
Businesses Controlling Unions
Voiced by Madison Arnold

Jon Gravelli is a character in the HD Universe, born in 1923, he is an old school and well connected Mafia boss in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Jon Gravelli was born in Meadow Hills, Dukes. His criminal record dates back to 1940, when he was first arrested for running a gambling operation at only 17-18 years old. Rigorous criminal activity continued through his twenties, including car theft, attempted murder and bribery, though his LCPD record states that he had never been in prison his whole life. A bribery charge in 1949 would be his last run-in with the law for over 40 years, and 1968 saw the birth of his son Jon Gravelli, Jr.

Gravelli took charge of the as the Boss of The Commission ("Boss of Bosses") and Don of the Gambetti Crime Family in 1978 after the death of his uncle Sonny Cangelosi, when Gravelli was 55. The Gambetti Family became the most powerful of Liberty City's Mafia families under Gravelli's leadership. In his late sixties, during the early 1990s, he was arrested twice again and beat both cases. Jon Gravelli Jr. developed a cocaine addiction, which got him arrested twice (1995 and 1998) and disowned by his father. However, Gravelli continued using his underworld influence to protect his son from loan sharks.

Starting in 2005, Jon Gravelli Sr. was a patient in Schottler Medical Center. He was charged with racketeering in 2006 and was awaiting trial - as many other organized crime figures had done, people believed Gravelli was faking his illnesses to avoid trial, but were proven wrong when he stayed hospitalized for his remaining years. In 2008, Gravelli was introduced to Niko Bellic via cellphone through his contact at United Liberty Paper who is referred to as a "mutual friend". It was through his and U.L Paper's assistance that Niko is able to have Darko Brevic delivered to him. After Niko has taken his revenge on Dimitri Rascalov and/or Jimmy Pegorino, Gravelli passes away peacefully in his sleep, prior to standing trial.

LCPD Database record

Surname: Gravelli

First Name: Jon

Age: 85

Place of Birth: Meadow Hills, Dukes, Liberty City

Affiliations: Gambetti Crime Syndicate

Criminal Record:

  • 1940 - Possession Gambling Records
  • 1942 - Promoting Gambling
  • 1942 - Assault
  • 1944 - Grand theft Auto
  • 1946 - Attempted Murder
  • 1949 - Bribery
  • 1990 - Racketeering and Murder
  • 1992 - Obstruction of Justice
  • 2006 - Racketeering


  • Head of the Gambetti Crime Syndicate since the death of Sonny Cangelosi in 1978.
  • Indicted several times but never convicted of a serious crime.
  • Resident of the Schottler Medical Center for the last 3 years due to an allegedly serious illness.


Mission appearances



  • Jon Gravelli states that in 1972 "he would have killed Giovanni Ancelotti's uncle, but he spared him". That suggests there was a war between the Gambettis and Ancelottis around the 70's.
  • He is most likely based on Carlo Gambino, former boss of the Gambino crime family, on which the Gambettis are based, although his name shares similarities with John Gotti.
  • Upon completion of the main story in Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko can read about Gravelli's death on the Liberty Tree website, under the article "Mob Boss Dies Before Trial".
  • If you call Jon Gravelli it will say this number is not recognized but he can be called after missions.
  • If you look at Gravelli's picture in the Liberty City Tree website in The Ballad of Gay Tony the picture is slightly above him instead of the picture in IV.
  • It's noted numerous times that Gravelli brought his illness upon himself to prevent, or at least delay, prosecution.
  • Jon Gravelli is one of the few characters in the GTA Universe that dies from a natural cause.