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For Jon Gravelli
Location Algonquin
Reward $12,000
Unlocks Dining Out
Unlocked by Babysitting

In Entourage, Niko is directed by United Liberty Paper to the dying Jon Gravelli who has a job for him: meet the politician Bobby Jefferson and escort him to City Hall.

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  • The motorcade ambush in this mission is a homage to the famous alleyway ambush scene in the 1994 film Clear and Present Danger, in which Harrison Ford is part of a motorcade that is cornered and attacked in an alleyway by gangsters with RPGs.
  • The Lokus in this mission has a unique color, if you want, take it after the mission (if it isn't destroyed).
  • In the Motorcade, along with Washingtons and Lokuss, a Coquette can be seen driven by the Gambettis.
  • If you shoot all the enemy Russians, the surviving bodyguards will follow you around and behave like Dwayne´s Backup, only they carry pistols and have the health of a normal pedestrian.
  • This mission happens after Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Ladies Half Price. This is confirmed by a news report on the radio and internet regarding the mission, placing it after the botched Gracie diamond exchange. This creates a potential continuity error, however, as it's possible to complete this mission before taking on Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.