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Derrick McReary talking to Niko Bellic on their way to meet Kim Young-Guk.

Derrick McReary talking to Niko Bellic on their way to meet Kim Young-Guk.
For Derrick McReary
Target enemy boats
Location Alderney
Reward $7,000
Unlocks Tunnel of Death & Dining Out
Unlocked by Smackdown

Babysitting is a mission for Derrick McReary, Packie's brother in Grand Theft Auto IV. In this mission, Niko and Derrick help a North Korean named Kim Young-Guk smuggle a boat full of counterfeit 100 dollar bills into Liberty City on a boat. This mission introduces the Rocket Launcher, the most powerful explosive weapon in the game (although by this late stage of the game, the player will likely have already obtained and used the RPG on any number of missions). Niko meets Derrick in a boat. He takes Derrick in the boat to Kim Young-Guk, a Korean criminal that is wanted by the police for counterfeiting money. Niko and Derrick follow Kim and use guns to blow up a few boats that want to use Kim's counterfeit money for themselves.

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  • Derrick and Gravelli might be enemies since a few missions after this one, Gravelli tells Niko to kill Kim.
  • Kim loses health as the attackers shoot him. This is strange because Kim is deep inside the ship.
  • Kim's attackers are actually members of the Albanian Mob, suggesting that they are enemies of the Koreans.
  • Derrick owns a unique-colored Squalo. Most likely, he bought the boat from the money that he stole. (Unfortunately, the game does not provide any way of storing boats.)
  • If you do not follow Kim -- thus failing the mission -- Niko will be back on land in a unique-colored Willard.