Escuela of the Streets

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Escuela of the Streets
Manny Escuela, Jay Hamilton and a camera-shy Niko Bellic.

Manny Escuela, Jay Hamilton and a camera-shy Niko Bellic.
For Manny
Location Bohan
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Street Sweeper
Unlocked by Roman's Sorrow

Escuela of the Streets is a mission for Manny Escuela. It is the first one for him. Niko finds out in this mission that Manny wants to "clean up the streets" but he is actually destroying the streets.

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  • If you fail the mission sitting in a car with Manny, he'll tell you get out and drive off in this car. If you will try to repeat the mission with SMS, you can see this car parked near the community center.
  • If you use a motorbike instead of a car, Manny will don a unique open face helmet coloured black with yellow and red stripes that matches his clothes.
  • The drug dealers you kill during the mission are North Holland Hustlers.
  • If you don't go through the front door, but go through the side door (not too far from the front door - just turn right), you are technically still in the warehouse, but the cutscene with Niko Bellic outside the warehouse shows up.
  • You can't use the bus to follow the dealer.
  • If you beep the horn while following the dealer Manny will say something like "Not cool man" if you continue to beep you will spook the dealer causing you to fail the mission.