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The following is a script of the mission "Escuela of the Streets" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Jay: This is the one, man - we're gonna get a really nice shot of them, it's going to be beautiful. I mean, you taught them these moves, right?

Manny No.

Jay: We wanna make sure that we see them, okay, but we want to see you, too.

Manny: Okay. Just film it, man.

Jay: Okay, well just keep looking at me, but stand over there, okay?

Manny: You mean here?

Jay: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Very cool. Good.

Manny: Okay, go.

Jay: Yeah, beautiful, beautiful, alright.

Manny: You ready for this?

Jay: Yes I am. Turn this way, please? This this way. Yeah. Looking at me.

Manny: Five, six, seven and eight.

Jay: Good, good, good. Right over here.

Manny: Let me see you work! This way?

Jay: Yes, good, good, perfect, cool, cool, cool.

Manny: So how do I look, man?

Jay: You look good.

Manny: Do I look gay?

Jay: No, no, not at all. It's a very manly kind of dancing.

Manny: Okay, so here we go then... yeah... See, it's the streets man, but people gotta understand the struggles... for real, you know what I'm saying? They gotta understand the struggles, yeah...

Mallorie: Oh, hey, Niko! This is my boyfriend's cousin, the guy I was telling you about, Niko. How's my Roman doing, anyway?

Niko: For a guy who just lost his home and his business and who now has a price on his head? Pretty good.

Mallorie: I love his optimism. So, Niko, this is Manny - we grew up together.

Manny: Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whassup, man? Streets, man. Hi.

Niko: Hi.

Mallorie: This is the guy I told you about... who beat up all those thugs in Broker?

Manny: Yeah? Great! Listen, Mallorie, would you , uh, give us a little space please? Thanks.

Mallorie: Alright, alright...

Manny: Ok, yeah, great, so, eh, so you know streets take no prisoners, right? But, you know, kids need hope. You know what I'm saying?

Niko: Not really.

Manny: Yeah, well, you know, sometimes you gotta break some omelets to make some eggs, you know what I'm saying?

Niko: Okay. And?

Manny: Yeah, well, you know, we gotta clean up some eggs, brother. We gonna clean 'em up. Yeah here, right here, right here, turn around, man, right here.

Jay: Here Manny Escuela is rapping with a street accomplice about cleaning up the streets of Bohan.

Manny: Yeah!

Niko: Turn that off.

Jay: These criminals are... trying to reform their neighborhood.

Manny: Wait, wait, wait a second. Wait!

Jay: Hey, hey! Please, please, what are you doing? Hey! My... cam... Manny!

Manny: Hey, hold on a second, man! Wha...

Niko: Sorry.

Manny: Ok everyone, that'll be all for today, that was great. Thank you very much, that'll be all for today, thanks a lot. What are you doing?

Niko: What were you saying?

Manny: We gotta get some of these dealers off the streets, man, you know? And I want them to know it was me, man.

Niko: Fine, just don't point the camera at me when you're doing it.

Manny: Well, that's my testimony, man. Look, brother, will you help? Please? Look, I got money. I got... I got money.

Niko: In which case you've got help. Good! Alright, hey, how's the camera?

Jay: It's not good.

Manny: Wh... what do you mean it's no good? Can you tape us...?

Jay: Just don't even...

Manny: Okay. Alright, okay, well listen, look... here's what we're gonna do... We're gonna get all these dealers off the streets and we're gonna kick their ass and they're gonna know it was me...


Manny: Yo, we need a car if we're gonna clean these streets. Last I heard these dealers was up on Grand Boulevard. Let's go take a look, man. So you and Mallorie is tight, huh? She and your cousin is together now. I love that girl, man, I love her, man. Your cousin better not be messing with her head. He going to propose, right? He's going to make an honest woman of her, right?

Niko: I think that's as much of a decision of Mallorie's as it is Roman's. I don't know if he's grown up enough to make a good husband. What's it to you anyway? I didn't know you and Mallorie was that close.

Manny: Shit, man. Manny's close to everyone who grew up on the streets of South Bohan, man. They my people, alright?

Niko: Sure.

(Niko and Manny find the dealer)

Manny: The dealer and his drug wagon are up there. Pull up behind and we wait. There he be. We gots to follow him to them other leeches, man. They be sucking the damn life out of these streets.

Niko: Apparently the mob teaches people to stay two car lengths behind a target.


Niko: It's two car lengths, right? That's how far you stay behind a woman when you're harassing her?

Niko: You know, when I was stalking this girl in Europe, I found that two car lengths was the best distance.

Manny: You know, these streets is mine, man! I can feel them flowing through my veins.

Niko: You sound like you got something else in your veins.

Manny: I ain't touched that shit in years. Who you been talking to, man? I'm clean, man. Serene. Fucking serene.

Niko: Oh, I'm sorry.

Manny: You ever thought about doing some TV? You might be able to get a series off the back of mine, you know? Niko Bellic: Street Justice, bro!

Niko: Not really my scene.

Manny: Just wait 'til you see your face on the screen, man. Maybe you change your mind then!

Niko: I always wanted to be a well-known idiot.

Manny: People say to me, "Manny why you do this? Why you want to clean up the streets so bad? What's your passion?"

Niko: Do you tell them "To get famous."?

Manny: It's for the love, man. They know me coz I help people, man. I'm all love for these streets.

(The dealer stops at a warehouse)

Manny: Looks like he about to stop yo. You best pull up behind him, man. Follow him into that warehouse and get rid of the dealers.

Niko: I thought you were going to clean up the streets?

Manny: Hey, the message is what's important, man. It don't matter who gives it. I for one ain't in this shit for the ego trip. You taking my money, aren't you? Be my voice. I'm gonna go back and get Jay.

(If Niko waits before entering the warehouse, Manny will text him)

When the streets closes a door, they open a window. Get up in that shit!!

(Niko enters the warehouse)

Dealer: Cut him up, boys.

Dealer: Drop the punk.

Dealer: Wrong warehouse. bitch.

Dealer: Ice this fool.

(Niko kills the dealers and leaves the warehouse)

Jay: The fearsome street warrior stands outside the site of another gangland massacre. Oh...

Manny: Yeah... 'sright...

Jay: Cut.

Manny: What?

Jay: Okay.

Manny: What?

Jay: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Could you walk out of there just one more time? We need to get the shot just right.

Manny: Oh yeah, yeah, that's a good idea.

Niko: I can put my foot through your face if you like. I don't mind doing that again and again until I get it right.

Manny: Oh, oh, easy, easy Niko. Hey did it look good? Huh? Was it a good mixture of that sadness and resolve?

Jay: You looked great.

Manny: Great, yeah, let's do it.

Jay: Okay from the top.

Manny: Yeah, right here. Wait... where are you going?

Jay: More senseless death and the police aren't even here yet. "Help" has only one name on the streets of South Bohan - Manny Escuela.

Manny: That's right, follow me, but be prepared. Street life ain't pretty.

(If Niko gets a wanted level before tailing the dealer)

Manny: This dealer's going to see us if we rolling with all this heat, man! You gotta shake the cops, man.

Manny: How we going to clean up these streets if there's cops on us, man? Lose the heat.

(If Niko gets too close to the dealer)

Manny: You gay or something man? Stay away from his ass.

Manny: This boy's got personal space issues, man. Stay back.

Manny: He going to see you, man.

Manny: Stay off him, we need to find them leeches.

Manny: Only someone who has been to prison gets that close to a man. Hold off, man!

(If Niko is too close to the dealer while on foot)

Manny: He gonna see you standing, you right there.

Manny: Shit, you look obvious being that close without a car, man.

Manny: What you doing so close to him?

Manny: You on crack man? Get away from him.

Manny: You're following him man, not ass raping him. Get back.

(If the dealer gets too far away)

Manny: That guy gets away there'll be more drugs on the street, killing our kids.

Manny: Step on it, man, I need you close to this guy, but not too close. You hear me?

Manny: Aw man, you gonna lose him.

Manny: Don't let him shake you.

Manny: I'm paying you to follow him so do it, man.

(If the dealer gets too far away while Niko is on foot)

Manny: Get some wheels so we can chase this sucker.

Manny: I don't know how we tailing him without wheels.

Manny: Man, it's almost like you want this scum on the streets.

Manny: How you gonna follow him without a car?

Manny: Shit, man. I thought you were the streets man. We need to tail him.

(If Niko honks the car horn)

Manny: Shit, Niko. Don't be a punk!

Manny: Yo! What the fuck are you doing?

Manny: Not fuckin cool, man!

Manny: This is starting to annoy me!

Manny: Niko, you punk, man. Behave!

(If Niko fires a gun)

Manny: What are you doing firing that thing?

Manny: Shit, man. You don't need to fire that thing until we find the rest of those suckers, man.

Manny: Yo, chill on the shooting, man. We trying to keep this show on the down low.

Alternate dialogue

Manny: I like your vibe, man. I like it. You're out to make money but you want to make a difference too, man. Best of both worlds, man. I see myself that way, man. An entrepreneur who's gonna clean this shit up. Money and respect. Philanthropicalsim, man, like one of them rich guys who makes computers and cures AIDS and shit. That's us, man, only at a street level.

Niko: Me, I'm just after the money. No amount of scrubbing is going to get this town clean. What I seen of it at least.

Manny: Yeah, I'm an entrepreneur, man. You got to have some money if people is gonna respect you out there, man. The kids look up to me, man. To know that the clean path is the good path. You hear me?

Niko: Sure, but I don't think you hear me.

Manny: It's for the kids, man. Believe that. I don't know why the people out there want to hurt people man? Want to hurt these streets, man. They live and breathe. You cut them and they bleed. Man, that was good. I should write that down. You got a pen?

Niko: I am afraid not.

Manny: How come whenever I say something that really sings. You know, when I really start talking the truth, how come Jay's not around man? He should be filming me every second.

Niko: He's not around because I'd break his camera if he shoved it in my face again.

Manny: Chill, Niko. You got to get used to being filmed man. You think Jesus started breaking shit up when those disciples followed him around with a bit of parchment? This film is my gospel, man. The gospel of the streets. Shit, how about that for a title? 'Manny's Street Gospel' man. I wish I had a damn pen. Fuck, man.

Failing the mission

Niko loses the dealer

Manny: You lost him, man. He probably selling drugs to kids right now.

(If Niko is on foot)

Manny: How'd you let him get away? Man, shit.

Dealer sees Niko

Manny: Shit, man. He seen us. He ain't never gonna go to his boys now.

Dealer's car is damaged

Manny: Shit, he'd pulled up. It's almost like you don't care about the kids, man.

Hitting the dealer's car

Manny: Man, you hit him. No way we can get the rest of them leeches now!

Getting too close

Manny: Follow don't mean get all up in his shit. It's over.

(If Niko is on foot)

Manny: You got too close, man. He saw us.

Niko leaves the deal

Manny: Niko, you made a promise to me, man. Your bond is your word, man. I thought you was going to clean shit up. For me and these streets. For these people man, my people.

Niko: Something else came up, I couldn't do it. I guess the streets is going to have to stay dirty for a little longer. See you, Manny.

Niko fires a weapon

Manny: Of course he's seen us now. Shit, man.

Niko gets a wanted level

Manny: Shit, we meant to be keeping this shit on the down low. What are you doing getting five-oh on our ass?

(This dialogue is not pre-determined)

Manny: Everytime the streets is hurt, I hurt inside, man. You cut me deep, man. Get out of here.

Manny: A kid dies tonight, man, on your head it be. Get outta here.

Manny: I'm disappointed in you man. I thought we was on the same page. I thought you cared. Get out.

Manny: If you can't clean up the streets, man, then you can walk on them, man. Get out.

Manny: You think these streets is safe enough? See for yourself - get out.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Manny: He stopped at the red.

Dealer: I don't think we sent an invitation to this punk. Eject him from the party.

Manny: I thought you had passion in your veins, man.

Manny: Man, I thought you was serious about cleaning up these streets, man.

Manny: Rojo, rojo. Hit the brakes, man.

Manny: Shit. He stopped again. Hold back.

Niko: That's my bad. Boo fucking hoo. See you around, Manny.

Dealer: This boy think he can come up in our shit. Drop him.

Dealer: What's this fool think he's playing at? Finish him.