Roman's Sorrow

Roman's Sorrow
Niko Bellic helping Roman Bellic escape the boot of his taxi.
Niko Bellic helping Roman Bellic escape the boot of his taxi.

Niko Bellic helping Roman Bellic escape the boot of his taxi.
For Roman Bellic
Objective Witness the burning of Roman's apartment and business, then move to Bohan
Location Hove Beach & BOABO, Broker, Liberty City
Fail Death of Roman Bellic
Reward South Bohan Safehouse
"Lowest Point" achievement/trophy
Unlocks Escuela of the Streets and Out of the Closet
Unlocked by Russian Revolution

Roman's Sorrow is a mission for Niko's cousin Roman. This is the mission where Roman and Niko move from Broker to South Bohan.


Roman and Niko are aware that Dimitri Rascalov and his partner Ray Bulgarin will kill them following a botched meeting before. Roman wants to move to Bohan and calls Mallorie to see if she has anywhere for them to stay, but not before asking Niko to head back to his apartment in Hove Beach to collect several items, including a wedding ring for Mallorie, which Roman later mentions during their trip to Bohan.

Upon arrival in Hove Beach, they find out both the apartment and Roman's cab business have been set on fire by Dimitri and Bulgarin. Having lost everything from the fires, the duo are forced to cut their losses and escape to Bohan, where they settle down in Mallories' cousin's apartment until the situation improves.

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  • As you go to the apartment, the player should keep an eye out for the cab depot. It is burning, but driving past it will not affect any dialogue. There is often an explosion inside as you cruise by, and if you go a bit faster, you will see an explosion for the depot.
  • After the explosion of the apartment, you will see two suspects that are Russians gangsters rapidly flee the area.
  • Following this mission, Roman's taxi missions will be unavailable for the rest of the game. If you have completed all 10 fares, Roman will say that Niko was hogging all the business and the other drivers are jealous.
  • Roman's car service will also be unavailable until Roman's insurance pays off and he is able to revive "Bellic Enterprises" following Blow Your Cover.
  • After the mission, the news report on the radio will say that two suspects started throwing Molotov cocktails into the buildings. However, later on in the storyline Roman states that the fire department claimed it was an electrical fire, allowing him to collect the insurance money.
  • The parking space outside the burnt out Broker apartment can still be used to store cars.
  • If you call the fire department, they will react as if it was a prank call, despite the fact that there is a fire. This was a call back from earlier by Niko warning Roman when he and Brucie were prank calling the police.
  • If the player attempts to put out the fire at Roman's Apartment and/or his taxi depot with a firetruck, the fire will still continue on burning and will show no signs of dying down.
  • Although Roman's apartment is inaccessable after this mission, it is possible to get back in after it has been burned through a glitch. To do this, you have to get a small car (like a Comet) and get it sitting of the top of the staircase, and then get out. You will fly into the air and find yourself back in the house. After you get back into the apartment, you will be unable to get out unless you reload your saved game or you kill yourself.
  • Although Roman's taxi depot is inaccessable after this mission, It is possible to get back in after it has been burned through a glitch. to enter the Express Car Service depot in The Ballad of Gay Tony (or the Episodes from Liberty City versions of the The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony) using a vehicle cheat code and a clipping glitch, simply spawning a motorbike in a garage door of the Express Car Service depot with a cheat code and getting on the bike. If done correctly, the player should pass through the garage door and find themselves inside the depot. However, there is hardly anything to do in the depot. Unlike other interiors which can only be entered via a glitch, the player does not need to kill themselves in order to leave the depot, only needing to jump through the wooden boards.
  • During this mission, Roman claims that he had to acquire one taxicab at a time before he was able to secure a proper depot in Hove Beach, Broker, for his operations; until he managed to obtain an actual place of residence, Roman also spent over a year residing in the depot, sleeping under the depot's office desk.
  • Mallorie has apparently quit her job at the cab company by this point; this hasn't been referenced up until now.
  • Following this mission, three pieces of communication will be received at some point: Brucie will send a text that unlocks the Out of the Closet mission; Dimitri will phone Niko and taunt him, promising to find where he and Roman are now living; and Brucie will call expressing concern about Roman's gambling.
  • Despite now being based out of Bohan, when Roman requests an outing, or Niko calls him for same, Roman still needs to be picked up near Hove Beach. The distance from the Bohan Safehouse to Roman and Little Jacob's pick-up points makes it slightly more difficult to pick them up within the allotted hour; it's recommended that if Niko initiates any outings, this be done while Niko is in Broker or Dukes rather than in Bohan.