Frederick Bridge

Frederick Bridge in GTA San Andreas, as seen in eastern San Andreas with Hanky Panky Point in the distance.

Frederick Bridge is a rail bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that connects the northeastern portion of Red County with the southeastern portion of Las Venturas in the state of San Andreas. Part of the Brown Streak Railroad, it is designed as a long through arch bridge spanning the mouth of the San Andreas Sound.

Note that the support beams over the bridge's span are hollow.

Significance in GTA San Andreas

This is the ultimate point for the train picked up by the Los Santos Vagos in the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks. Once the train crosses this bridge, which remains unlocked for NPCs and locked for the player, the mission will fail.

The bridge opens after completion of Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, after which the freight missions can be carried out. This is the only direct contact between Los Santos and Las Venturas.


  • One Oyster: Underneath the bridge.