Happiness Is...Land Sweater

Niko wearing the Happiness Is...Land Sweater in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The "Happiness is...land" sweater is an unlockable article of clothing in Grand Theft Auto IV for protagonist Niko Bellic.


The sweater is an upper body clothing piece that designed as a navy blue sweater bearing the words "Happiness is..." backed by a picture of the Statue of Happiness in front, with "...land" written at the back. The sweaters shares an identical clothing model as "knit" sweaters available from Modo.

The sweater can only be obtained by finding it on the floor near on the uppermost portion of the Statue of Happiness's pedestal (in front of an inaccessible door) accessible by foot. The sweater is wrapped in a plastic bag, and bears a pricetag with "Sale" and "$8" written on it (which has no bearing as the clothing is free of charge). The player automatically wears the sweater once they reach the bag. Once the player obtained the sweater, it is added to the player's wardrobe.

Wearing the sweater does not clear the player's wanted level, and does not affect any other aspects of gameplay besides comments from girlfriends and friends.

Grand Theft Auto Online

The sweater design was made available in t-shirt form in Grand Theft Auto Online for a limited time as part of the Independence Day Special. The shirt could only be found via random Crate Drops.